Affiliate Summit Review

Is Affiliate Summit Time and Money Well Spent? Our Review

Not everyone is fortunate enough to gain a business boost after going to a conference; the results depend on how much you prepare and who you meet. However, attendance cans for something; if you don’t go, you never give yourself the chance to make new connections and get a company off the ground.

Affiliate Summit Inc. encourages all business owners to come and participate in its conference. However, you might not be convinced that it’s a good idea to travel to this conference with your company.

In this review, we will dive deeper than just, “is this summit beloved by attendees?” We will tell you the conference’s real value, so you know if attending is worth your time and money. 

What Is Affiliate Summit?

Affiliate Summit is one of the world’s leading networking events and educational sources for marketing professionals. Founded by industry experts Shawn Collins and Missy Ward in 2003, this small educational collective has grown into a multimedia networking and educational giant. 

The company includes several projects under its belt, including:

  • Social events and conferences
  • FeedFront Magazine
  • Performance Marketing Summit
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Webinar and Videos
  • Blog Content

With decades of experience in affiliate marketing, the co-founders launch an impressive tradeshow and conference that appeals to anyone eager to expand their knowledge and connections. Summits are held on the east and west coasts of the United States and in Europe and Asia. 2020 mark’s the company’s 12th consecutive year hosting events. 

Does Affiliate Summit Offer Services Online?

Yes. This company offers several online educational and informational tools. Professionals can use these to upgrade and improve their marketing skills and knowledge. The services and tools available include:

  • Webinar and Video educational content
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Blog Content

Webinar and Video Content

This company offers opportunities for beginners and industry pros through webinars. Use them to flesh out your knowledge or contact the company about hosting one as a speaker. Both can be a great way to learn new things and network in the industry. 

These webinars are available for replay rather than live and are free to all users. This means that you can learn at your own pace without having to make an expirable investment.

You’ll learn more about topics like WordPress site optimization, voice search strategies, and more.

Intelligence Reports

These reports offer insights in the form of interviews with industry stakeholders and niche data. Use these free reports to help develop your company’s marketing strategy in your niche. Topics range from Black Friday to crisis preparation and how these events shape the marketing sphere.

Blog Content

The great thing about this site’s blog content is that it is frequently updated. 

Many companies let their free digital offerings age out and disappear from web relevance. In contrast, at least five new articles are published on this blog weekly. Learn in quick snapshots and pick up some key industry tips for successful affiliate marketing from a company that takes it seriously.

If you want to take advantage of all that the blog has to offer, users who sign up for the newsletter will get them for free in their email inbox on Thursdays. Blog post topics can be anything from building company connectivity at home to the most profitable niches in 2020.

How Can Affiliate Summit Help Me Make Money?

Attending a conference event doesn’t just mean learning new things; it also means making new connections. Buying a networking pass can mean access to investors, interested partners, and more.

Attending as a beginner could mean landing a job or making your first industry connections. Like many conferences, this is one of those win-win scenarios. Everyone gets to connect in a way that benefits their place in the industry and allows future profitability based on those connections.

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How Can I Get Access to Affiliate Summit’s Material?

The best way to glean insider insights from Affiliate Summit is to attend one of their worldwide summit conferences. There are a few ways to participate. You can:

  • Book a booth in the Exhibit hall
  • Attend as a guest

Booking a Booth

If you are launching an affiliate marketing company that you believe in, you should consider hosting a booth. This makes the experience worthwhile for a few reasons:

  • You meet new customers, investors, or employees
  • You get to generate brand awareness among competitors
  • You get to show off your products and expand on what you’re brand is currently developing. Share examples of research or prototypes of technology.

Attending is perfect for beginners and experts who want to hear all the new cutting edge strategies in the industry first-hand.

Attend as a Guest

While it technically doesn’t hurt to attend, you need the budget to make the trip worth it. With nothing to show at a booth that attracts people, you really have to depend on your networking skills to make connections. 

Learning From Home:

You can also gain access to this company’s content free of charge by visiting the blog, signing up for their newsletter, or checking out available digital webinars. 

If you’re not sure yet whether you want to purchase a pass to next year’s summits, this content is a great way to get a free taste of what the summit has to offer.

What Kinds of Attendees are at Affiliate Summits?

The majority of attendees that you will meet at the Summits are affiliates. This group represents approximately 25% of those attending. 

If you are an affiliate, this is a networking opportunity that you won’t want to have missed out on. Other attendees include:

  • Affiliate Managers
  • Advertisers
  • OPMs and Agencies
  • Solution Providers
  • Network

How Much Does Affiliate Summit Cost?

Anyone hoping to attend any of the Summits hosted in various locations will need to buy a pass. Four different pass types include different perks, permissions, and more. The four pass types are:

  • Networking Pass
  • Networking Plus Pass
  • VIP Pass
  • Affiliate Free Pass

You can register your interest for one of these passes for upcoming summits by filling out a simple contact form on the website. Indicating interest in registration will ensure that you receive an email when registration opens.

Prices are currently not available for summits set for 2021, as only one has nailed down dates in February. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will hear about pricing for each pass as soon as they are made available.

Is Affiliate Summit Worth It?

While Affiliate Summit has a wealth of free online content, are the conferences worth it? 

We believe one thing stands out about this company and its events, and that’s expertise. The co-founders are truly masters of their trade and have a wealth of knowledge to share with others in the industry. As a result, they attract other knowledgeable people and generate amazing connections at the events. 


  • Range of passes at varying prices for different budgets and levels of interest
  • Hundreds of affiliate marketing pros and investors attend every year
  • Great visibility for those who purchase a booth or a table for their company launch
  • Qualified and experienced co-founders and skilled seminar leaders


  • Only two conference locations within the United States and two abroad; no locations in Africa, South America, or Australia
  • Free digital content means that all your competitors have the same access

How Can I Prepare to Attend the Summit?

Affiliate Summit offers opportunities to marketing professionals that are ready to make connections. The company has global conferences, a newsletter, digital web seminars, and a blog to get followers prepared for success. All of its content preaches practical, actionable advice and extremely valuable insights and data. 

If you are located in the United States, attending a summit can be a great way to invest in your career. There are events on both coasts for easy access. You could make the connections you need to start building your network and expanding your business.

However, your success depends on whether you have a great product to show off before you arrive; this includes a professional website that others can easily find and share.

Launch your affiliate site today with a premium domain from ODYS Global. We offer quality pre-made domains that you can share at the conference if you decide you’re ready to attend. 

Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you prepare to make connections at the summit with a high-quality website!

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