Affiliate World Conferences Review

Is the Affiliate World Conference Worth Attending? Here’s Our Review

The beauty of the internet is that everything is just a few clicks away, especially for businesses; you can connect with clients, partners, customers on the other side of the world. A quick search, and you can tune into a talk from a renowned expert or peruse a forum of like-minded individuals.

However, as humans, we love to connect in person and share our passions with like-minded individuals. How do you do this in a field designed and executed in a digital environment? Simple! You attend the Affiliate World Conference. 

This is a bi-annual affiliate marketing conference that gathers professionals and entrepreneurs in Asia and Europe. The conference focuses on affiliate and e-commerce marketing. 

The next conference is fast approaching, set for Barcelona in July 2021. However, you must have a few questions before attending:

Is this what you need to expand and grow your digital business? 

Is the Affiliate World Conference on the cutting edge of affiliate marketing? 

Who should attend? 

We’ll answer them for you in this review of the Affiliate World Conference. 

What Is the Affiliate World Conference?

The Affiliate World Conference has been growing exponentially since 2015 and now has global recognition. It’s considered the #1 Affiliate Marketing in Europe because it brings thousands of affiliate marketing peers together for:

  • Networking 
  • Intensive Talks 
  • Panels 
  • Workshops
  • Extensive Exhibition Market 

The topics range annually but often include: 

  • Cutting-edge marketing developments, including learning to utilize new social media platforms like TikTok
  • Honing practices in lead generation
  • Connecting with top Shopify sellers

The Affiliate World Conference describes itself as the meeting place for the world’s top affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Overall, it is a place to network, gain new inspiration, and stay on the cutting edge of trends and forecasts in affiliate marketing. 

Who Will Be at the Affiliate World Conference?

The team being this conference knows that building your network is a valuable tool in the e-commerce and affiliate marketing world. That’s why small businesses, corporate representatives, and industry specialists are all encouraged to come and participate in the conference. 

Here’s what you can expect when you arrive:

General Attendance

The conference has hosted over 7,300 attendees with over 60 speakers and 110 countries represented in the past. These numbers suggest a truly global presence and committed attendees willing to go the distance. Networking in a global setting like this one is truly a great opportunity.

Guest Speakers

No conference is complete without an inspirational lineup of panelists and keynote speakers. Many of the previous speakers are listed on the site with helpful bios to give an idea of the expertise area covered. 

Past speakers at this conference include marketing professionals and founders of various tech businesses, including: 

  • Snapchat: Samuel Bevan, Global Online Sales
  • TikTok: Thanaphon Arphhasittinant, Director of Partnership 
  • Google: Miriam Tappe Strasmann, Solution Specialist Automation and Attribution 
  • Amazon: Penny Jarusatree, Global Selling Manager 
  • Smart Marketer Inc.: Ezra Firestone, Co-Founder and CEO 
  • And More 

Corporate Representatives 

Many well-known corporations send representatives to this conference. You can expect to find representatives from businesses like: 

  • Facebook 
  • Uber
  • Snapchat 
  • Shopify 
  • TikTok 
  • Foreo 
  • Taboola
  • And more 

This diverse attendee pool means that you can likely find someone to network with, no matter what your niche is. 

Should I Use the Affiliate World Conference?

Conferences are always beneficial as a source of inspiration, networking, and knowledge. Connecting with like-minded, passionate individuals might be just the thing needed to jumpstart the next phase of your e-commerce growth. 

You may meet a new business partner or make a valuable deal. You can soak in knowledge from experts, get a glimpse into upcoming trends, and sample products in an expansive exhibition hall. 

Often, the fast and furious pace of a two-day conference leaves you feeling a healthy mixture of energized and exhausted. You leave to process all the knowledge gained and sort through your new contacts. Then, you implement what you learned, employ services found in the Exhibition Hall, and maintain connections with new affiliations. 

The question behind attending or using the resources of a conference ultimately rests with you. Are you willing to attend multiple sessions, interact with a lot of people, and put your best foot forward? Then, more importantly, are you willing to implement what you have learned? 

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How Do Users Interact with Affiliate World Conference’s Platform?

The official website does not have a method of interaction for visitors, but the conference itself would be a non-stop interactive event. Expect to bounce from keynote lectures to networking parties and individual meetup opportunities. 

What Information Can I Find on the Affiliate World Conference Website?

The website contains mostly information on the 2021 conference, including registration and speaker highlights. It offers a glimpse into past conferences, including previous speakers and attendees. 

The website does have redirect links to both the Affiliate World Conference Asia and Affiliate World Conference Europe pages. Both are branches within the overall Affiliate World Conference umbrella. 

You can also find information on what (and who) to expect at these conferences. Examples of what to expect include: 

  • Representatives from the top e-commerce entrepreneur networks
  • Industry brands and representatives 
  • Performance marketing experts and authorities 
  • Exhibition market with over 200 advertisers, traffic sources, and networks
  • Mastermind level content on expert-level content 
  • Networking events through mixers, happy hours, and more 
  • Niche labs on topics like e-commerce, Facebook advertising, and lead gen development

Who Is Affiliate World Conference For?

We recommend this conference for those interested in learning from other specialists and networking with entrepreneurs and experts. It’s best suited for established affiliate marketers and e-commerce businesses. 

Now, if you are already at that expert level, you might capitalize on this conference as a way to expand your business presence. If you offer an e-commerce service, you may be qualified for a booth in the Exhibit Hall where thousands of people will be exposed to your products. 

If you have mastermind-level content to share, you can turn it into a workshop or sit on a panel. Once you reach the expert level where you can give back, conferences are a great way to accomplish this. 

How Much Does Affiliate World Conference Cost?

While you can peruse the site at no cost, you will have to invest in the conference. The 2021 conference is currently scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain. So, you’d have to factor in how you would get there. Next, there’s lodging, food, and other incidental expenses.

The Affiliate World Conference requires attendees to purchase a pass to attend the intensive two-day conference. Every pass opens access to the following: 

  • Exhibition Market with past exhibitors like Shopify and Clickbooth 
  • Mastermind-level content of over 20 hours of expert content on a range of topics 
  • Networking events of niche mixers, happy hours, and a block party  
  • Optional niche tracks focusing on topics like Facebook Ad Buyers, Mobile Affiliates, and Lead Generators 

Is the Affiliate World Conference Worth It?

If you are working in a thriving affiliate marketing sphere and want to expand your connections, this might be the conference for you. As you explore the site for yourself, consider these pros and cons: 


  • Valuable networking opportunities 
  • Innovative ideas presented by experts with data-driven knowledge 
  • Ability to invest in opportunities to spur digital marketing career 


  • Cost prohibitive depending on geographic location 
  • Conferences can be overwhelming to navigate 
  • Results never guaranteed 

What Are Alternatives to Affiliate World Conferences?

This conference is designed for entrepreneurs and tech business leaders. If you are not there yet at that level yet, no worries! Every affiliate marketing entrepreneur began with just one website and built it up from there. 

Of course, there is no need to recreate the wheel and start from nothing! You can invest in an established site and capitalize on proven results. 

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