Alexander Hoffman Review Review: What You Need to Know About Alexander Hoffman and This Trading Site

If you pay attention to domain trading, you know that good website are worth a lot these days. While many people would assume a website is only as profitable as its business is, some domains have value and can turn a substantial profit. 

This is how buying and selling digital assets has grown into a lucrative industry for many people.

Do you have any interest in making money through the acquisition or sale of previously owned websites? Alexander Hoffman and his company website,, offer plenty of resources for anyone interested in buying or selling digital assets.

Get to know what Alexander and have to offer below.

Who Is Alexander Hoffman?

Alexander Hoffman is an Industry Manager and Data Strategy Lead at Google. He works at Google’s office in Munich, Germany.

On, you’ll find a link to Alexander’s personal LinkedIn page so you can get to know him on a closer level.

From his LinkedIn page, you can gather that he is extremely knowledgeable in all things AI, digital growth, and big data. 

Alexander’s LI About section reveals that his main role at Google is growth advisor. In this role, he helps companies make the most of their data and apply it to artificial intelligence.

He has a long history of work at major consulting firms such as Capgemini Consulting. He also started his own tech company, joining together with a friend from University to build an e-learning platform.

Alexander attended school at WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management and received both his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in International Business Administration.

For the past 5+ years, Alexander has worked for Google in many roles, from Associate Industry Manager to his current role as Industry Manager and Data Strategy Lead. was created as a side project for Alexander while working at Google.

What is Dealsflow?

Dealsflow is a site that centers around the buying and selling of digital assets such as websites. The main function of Dealsflow is a newsletter subscription that includes special information about market trends, exclusive deals, and what Alexander is up to in the world of digital investment.

The site offers a place to sign up for this newsletter and invites you to join more than 300 digital investors by joining the subscription plan.

The site also has a section created for those looking to sell their sites and offers a service to evaluate your business, determine what it’s worth, and sell it for a profit. 

There’s a section of the site called Insights, which serves as a blog home for several articles about buying and selling websites for a profit.

Finally, Dealsflow is also a course provider for anyone who wants to educate themselves on digital media buying. 

What Topics Does Alexander Hoffman Cover on Dealsflow?

Alexander Hoffman writes all of the content on Dealsflow. He focuses on three main topics: buying, growing and selling online sites.

Some “Buy” topics include “Using an Escrow Service,” “How to Value a Domain Name,” and “Why and How to Buy Expired Domains.”

Some more examples include:

● “Due Diligence Checklist”

● “How to Buy An Undervalued Business on Flippa”

● “Asset Vs. Share Deal”

● “How to Value a Website”

● “How to Identify Fake Followers”

● “How to Spot Whether Google Analytics Is Set Up Correctly”

● “How to Spot Bot Traffic In Google Analytics”

● “How I Nearly Lost $10,000 In Buying a Promising Online Magazine”

Unfortunately, he has no blog posts available within the subcategory “Grow” yet. 

There is only one blog topic within the subcategory of “Sell,” which is “Why I Buy And Sell Websites For Profit.” Based on his site, it’s safe to say that Hoffman is most interested in talking about buying websites. 

How Much Does Cost? is free to use. It is also free to sign up for Alexander Hoffman’s Dealsflow newsletter containing information and insights about selling online websites.

It’s unclear whether Alexander Hoffman charges for his business valuation service for those interested in selling their site. There is currently an online form on the page where interested parties can submit their information to get in touch with Alexander.

Who Should Join the Community?

There are three types of people who would benefit from joining the Dealsflow subscription list: 

  • Buyers
  • Sellers 
  • Those who are interested in digital asset investment

Let’s explore what each group of people would get out of the Dealsflow community.


If you are a website buyer and want to stay in the know of the latest deals and special offers available, signing up for the Dealsflow newsletter can be a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of digital investments that are up for grabs. 


If you have one or more successful online businesses that you would like to sell for a profit, there is valuable information you can find on the Dealsflow website as well as within the newsletter. 

Alexander Hoffman’s insights can help you understand how to evaluate your business and determine its true worth, and set up a successful strategy to sell the site at a price point that you can profit from.

Those Interested in Digital Assets

Even people who haven’t been involved in a digital asset sale as either the buying or the seller can find valuable information from Alexander Hoffman’s website, Dealsflow. 

It’s a great place for newcomers to go online to find helpful information from an expert himself. While there aren’t too many people who can call themselves experts on the subject, Alexander’s rich history at Google makes him a knowledgeable influence.

Dealsflow also offers a course titled “How to Buy Websites For Profit” that is perfect for anyone who wants to get their feet wet but doesn’t know where to start.

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How Do Users Engage With

Most users will engage with Dealsflow passively by reading Alexander’s insightful blog posts or the email newsletters sent to their inbox regularly. 

Some users may engage by paying the $19 for Alexander’s online course into the world of buying websites to make a profit, and others may reach out for his assistance in appraising their business and selling it at a good price.

Since the site is relatively small without too many pages, there’s not too much direct engagement with the site. It serves as more of a home base for the email newsletter and is assumed to be the primary way that people sign up for the subscription.

Is Dealsflow Worth My Time?

Dealsflow may be worth your time if you’re relatively new to the world of website sales and want to learn from someone who is an expert themselves without shelling out tons of money.

If you want to gradually learn more about this industry, signing up for the Dealsflow newsletter is a great way to inject media investment education into your daily routine. When you check your email inbox daily, you may see an email from Dealsflow with relevant information you can apply as you begin to buy and sell domains.

Someone who wants to know the ins and outs of the field would find Dealsflow very much worth their time, whereas someone who just wants to make money from it without learning may seek to start turning profits sooner without using Dealsflow.


● Insight from Google expert

● Frequently updated blog posts

● Free newsletter subscription

● Valuation service option

● Affordable digital course for beginners


● No paid services

● Limited amount of blog posts

● Preference towards topics about buying rather than selling or growing

What If I Want An Alternative Way to Profit From Websites?

If you want to profit from websites without taking the time to learn about the buying and selling process, there are other ways to make money through digital investments. While Dealsflow is a helpful source for beginner’s knowledge about digital investments, it doesn’t facilitate the actual sale of profitable websites.

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