Annie at Yeys Review

Annie at Yeys Review: Webmaster Services 

Are you looking to launch a webmaster service site and craft quality blog content, generate traffic, and understand what makes a site successful? You’ll want to start with a solid portfolio and develop a clear target market. One way to draw in a client base is with a concise website. 

If you want to by-pass the website building process and dive into understanding how to create a successful site, consider Annie at Yeys. This site has tools and resources, traffic-generating guidelines and content creation roadmaps. Implementing the information here may help you build a more engaging website that generates leads and encourages visitors to get in touch. 

We have reviewed the site to pull out key factors integral to determining if this is the right match for you. Here’s what you need to know about this popular website building tool.

What Is Annie at Yeys? 

Annie at Yeys is a compilation of years of web development and skills. The original creator has created a treasure trove of content that developed and adapted along with this evolving industry. 

This site was created in 2018 to document the portfolio growth of the original creator. Anne, the mastermind behind the project, has been a web publisher since 1998. Her webmaster skills began with HTML coding and grew to include CSS. 

Now, her services focus on the portfolio tracked on the Annie at Yeys site. Annie at Yeys is a central hub of information for the portfolio and is used to track other sites. This site has a compilation of Reports from a robust portfolio of 14 sites and guidance on improving traffic, generating meaningful content, connecting with tools and resources, and a blog section. 

Each section focuses on a different area and connects readers with valuable blog content on a wide range of topics. It also offers blogs and guidance when it comes to creating content and generating traffic, which is the main draw of the site. 

Should I Use Annie at Yeys?

When valuable information has been compiled in a meaningful format, why would you not want to tap into that resource? There’s no need to recreate the wheel if someone else has pulled together the information you need! 

Annie at Yeys has ample material to explore and expand upon for those interested in portfolio development and documenting portfolio growth. 

The site is a source of knowledge and inspiration for web content builders. It is also followed closely by many people who have followed its journey and portfolio development since the launch. By using it, you can tap into those same resources and markets. 

How Do Users Interact with Annie at Yeys’ Platform?

At the core, this is a blog site and has many of the same interactive functions of a blog. Readers can follow authority links, watch embedded videos, comment on posts, and subscribe for notifications. Most of the interactions are passive, allowing readers to peruse at their leisure without the pressure of commitment. 

The Comments section on blog posts is the easiest touchpoint for visitors, allowing them to connect with the author and each other. There is also a Contact Us section to bring readers directly to the site managers.  

One popular way to interact is diving into the robust Reports section with monthly updates on revenue, growth, and traffic information. 

What Information Can I Find on Annie at Yeys?

The current portfolio has 14 sites with content sizes ranging from one hundred posts to several hundred in total. The thriving portfolio is documented in detailed monthly reports for each site.

The site primarily focuses on content websites, specifically, “niche blogs,” “authority sites,” and “niche sites.” Here’s what you can expect to learn when you visit Annie’s site:


The most frequently visited section is the Reports area. It gives inspiration on how to grow a virtual portfolio, and the various blog sections detail how to make it happen. 

Some topics covered in the Tools & Resources section include: 

  • Project and Task Management 
  • Publishing Platforms 
  • Domain Registrar 
  • Backup Services 
  • Image Resizing 
  • Hosting
  • Courses and Tutorial Recommendations 

It breaks down monthly data in a digestible format. This section does a great job of pinpointing not just where growth or decline happened in traffic or revenue, but why. This is beneficial for site owners looking to understand the stream of data analytics and make sense of traffic and revenue reports. 

If you are a creator or site owner, this is an invaluable source of information to see how to track your portfolio. 

Creative Content

One robust section to highlight is the expansive “Creating Content” section. It covers many subjects, including these blog topics: 

  • How to Hire Writers for Niche Sites 
  • What Makes a Blog Post Really Great
  • How I Monetize Video Content 

This & That

One section to highlight is the “This & That” section. It is a catch-all for different blog topics that do not fit neatly into the other sections. Some blog subjects include: 

  • Should You Allow Blog Comments? 
  • 10 Things that Could Bring Down a Niche Site or Blog 
  • 9 Things that Help Increase My Productivity 
  • Will My Blog Be Successful? Taking that Leap of Faith in Web Publishing 

Who Is Annie at Yeys For?

Annie at Yeys is for content creators seeking to follow a proven path to portfolio success. The site documents the continued achievement and growth of a portfolio and provides direct advice on how that portfolio was ultimately achieved. The tone from section to section and post to post is friendly and engaging. Visitors feel like they are entering into a conversation with the writer as they explore these topics together. 

In addition to the inspirational piece, it is also great for those looking to improve their site performance by generating traffic, implementing SEO functions and developing meaningful blog content. 

Overall, Annie at Yeys is for blog creators at all levels. It has topics designed to benefit visitors at all levels of blog creation. Whether you are still brainstorming blog ideas, getting ready to make that first post, or deciding how to manage your growing revenue stream, this site can help. 

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How Much Does Annie at Yeys Cost?

Annie at Yeys is free to use. There is no registration process, although visitors do have the option to sign up for new post updates. It operates as a hub and resource for information without asking for a subscription or membership fee from members. 

The site does have direct links and recommendations on paid courses and membership forums related to content development, but those are up to visitor discretion. 

Is Annie at Yeys Worth It?

This site is the work of real-world experience compiled in one location. It directly connects visitors with useful tools and written content from an expert in digital engagement. 

While it is a source of information and inspiration, it might not be the end-all-be-all resource for content development guidance. Here are some of the pros and cons: 


  • Expansive blog content options 
  • Detailed Reports section 
  • Documents portfolio growth since 2018 


  • Site is a meeting point of a larger portfolio and used to track rather than drive traffic
  • Passive interaction opportunities for members 

What If I Don’t Want to Build My Own Website?

If you are looking to build a site, you can use guidance from Annie at Yeys to implement effective practices from the start. 

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