Authority Hacker Review

Are you interested in building a reputable website that gains passive income as well? Maybe you’ve tried in the past but been disappointed when your monthly revenue didn’t pass $1000. If so, Authority Hacker may be a website and resource that you need. 

AH is a website that brings together reputable field professionals to provide training courses for beginner to advanced online marketers. The goal of AH is to speed up the process and help business owners find easy-to-follow information and actionable steps to see success.

What Is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker launched in 2014 under the guidance of SEO grey hats, Gael Breton and Mark Webster. Together, they built a popular website that provides actionable education for online business owners looking to gain income online. 

They offer easy, clear to understand advice and field-tested marketing tactics to make the most of your online business. Breton and Webster offer extensive courses through their website, which makes up most of their affiliate marketing education. These two courses are:

  • The Authority Site System for beginners
  • Authority Hacker Pro for intermediate to advanced online marketers

In addition to these courses, Authority Hacker offers their training through regular, practical podcasts and blog posts, available for free on their website. 

AH has distinguished itself from other affiliate marketing educators for these reasons:

  • They have their own proven, transparent results, and successful high-level sites.
  • They are credible experts in the field.
  • They emphasize design, niche, and branding.
  • Long term focus is the goal.
  • They offer streamlined, step-by-step learning processes that are easy to follow.

Should I Use Authority Hacker?

You should use Authority Hacker if you seek tools and strategies to help you build your affiliate marketing skills. 

You should NOT use this website if you are:

  • Trying to “get rich quick”: It will take users several months of work, at minimum, to start earning at least $1000 on their authority site.
  • Too busy: Authority Hacker suggests that you spend 5-7 hours per week on building your authority site. If you’re busy and prefer to outsource your online work, this website and course aren’t right for you. 
  • Expecting to receive all the answers: To find success with this website and online courses, you’ll need to be willing to do your research. It’s on you to fill in the gaps of problems that may arise in your specific authority site and niche.

What Information Can I Obtain on Authority Hacker?

Through the Authority Site System, you’ll learn how to build an original authority site from scratch, choose your niche, create content, and build links. 

AuthorityHacker Pro is a bit more advanced. Through this course, you’ll learn about advanced SEO, how to build scalable links, email marketing strategies, and sales funneling. 

Be aware that Authority Hacker won’t always offer all the information you need to build your authority site. You may need to use Google to solve niche problems or utilize current and former AH students’ Facebook group community.

Who Is Authority Hacker For?

Authority Hacker is for anyone new to online marketing trying to make a money-making website for the first time. It’s also suitable for anyone who has tried to make a money-making website but failed. 

If your website hasn’t generated at least $1,000 a month, their courses are right for you. Additionally, if you’re interested in building a portfolio of income sites as smoothly as possible, you’re a good audience for their Authority Site courses. 

Is Authority Hacker Free to Use?

The information on Authority Hacker’s website and podcasts are free to use. Users can also subscribe to join free training. However, most of their education and resources exist in their courses, which come at a price. 

  • The Authority Site System costs $997 or $599 with a discount. 
  • Authority Hacker Pro costs a fee of $1997.

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Is Authority Hacker Worth It? 

After reading the price, you may be wondering if Authority Hacker is worth using. Considering you’ll gain lifetime access to their course, including future updates, it is worth it for the influx of information you’ll have access to while you’re building your site.

If you don’t enjoy your first 30 days of the Authority Hacker courses, they offer a money-back guarantee, “no questions asked.” 

Based on its low-risk trial period, it is worth trying out to see if their courses and way of teaching is right for you. 


  • Courses created by experts respected and known for proven results 
  • Courses regularly updated, offering new and relevant industry information
  • Offers a money-back guarantee, unlike other affiliate marketing courses
  • Training consists of easy-to-follow tasks with over-the-shoulder hands-on instruction through text and video
  • Provides dozens of templates that come in handy when building your website 
  • Doesn’t feature any suspicious sales tactics or upselling
  • Simple course, but not oversimplified
  • Free information through podcasts and free training for new website subscribers


  • Does cost a fee
  • Can take several months to begin earning decent website revenue
  • Sometimes leaves students needing to seek out more information to round out course lessons
  • Can be overly reliant on expensive tools for link and keyword building
  • Only teaches white hat marketing strategies

What If I Don’t Want to Build My Own Authority Site?

If you’re looking to build your website from the ground up, you’ll need to follow the best white hat practices. Sometimes, though, this can be overwhelming when you have other business strategies to work on simultaneously. 

Instead of working from scratch using a website like Authority Hacker, you might also try investing in an already-established website. At ODYS Global, we sell high-quality ready-made affiliate websites that will save you weeks and months of work. Pick from various websites, including lead generation websites, sites with Amazon affiliation, and niche-specific sites.

We certify all of our websites with clean portfolios and brandable names. Plus, they’re all handpicked and free from any black hat SEO elements that will put your website and business in jeopardy. 

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