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Who is Charles Floate and Are His SEO Tutorials Worth Watching? Here’s Our Review

If you are building a website or launching an e-commerce business, chances are you are thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course, there is more to optimizing your website than improving your search engine ranking and content generation. For example, the community breaks down SEO services into subcategories, like Blackhat and e-commerce SEO. Some people specialize in these unique practices, like Charles Floate.

Floate is an internet marketing expert that focuses primarily on Blackhat tactics for e-commerce SEO. He breaks down these terms in a series of YouTube channel videos and via an extensive Twitter account with advice and examples. With 7,700 YouTube subscribers and 13,500 Twitter followers, his services may be worth exploring if you need an optimized business site.

Before you invest your valuable time exploring these pages, we’ve done most of the digging for you to determine if this a guide worth following. Here’s our review of this British SEO entrepreneur’s content and whether black hat tactics are for you.

Who is Charles Floate?

Charles Floate is a 24-year-old digital marketing expert based in the United Kingdom. He focuses his SEO interests and channel content on BlackHat SEO, among other topics. 

He was featured in a BBC radio interview detailing how he hacked into the FBI server at just fifteen years old. So, it’s safe to say he’s pretty crafty. 

This interview is a great place to start your own learning about Floate and the tactics he’s used for years as his SEO services expanded. His interest in digital media has been well-documented through seven years of YouTube videos and tweets on Twitter.

Charles Floate’s videos also cover e-commerce practices effective for boosting sales and ranking for businesses. The channel explores how Charles Floate turned an early career in hacking into an SEO business. 

Some of the e-commerce practices he discusses on his YouTube and Twitter channels include: 

  • Effectiveness of backlinks 
  • Interpreting Anchor Text Ratios 
  • Link building 
  • Website ranking factors 

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat practices violate the terms of service for search engines and are used to increase website rankings in places like Google. These practices are considered deceptive and may not get your site ranked in a top position on Google. 

Charles Floate makes no promises and warns new entrepreneurs about the risks of black hat; Google could penalize your website if you’re not careful. However, he shows you these practices in-depth and gives you the knowledge to use them wisely. If you’re careful, you could boost rankings and get quick results.

Some common black hat practices covered on these channels include: 

  • Buying backlinks 
  • Manipulating links 
  • Creating private blog networks

While the black hat practices tend to produce fast results with high rankings, the results might be short-lived. The initial spike in sales and traffic can decrease once the search engine servers detect malicious practices. It can mean your site:

  • Drops in the rankings
  • Disappears altogether 
  • Or is banned or penalized by the search engine 

Should I Use Charles Floate Content?

So, Float focuses on black hat practices and relies on himself as the primary instructor in his videos. We don’t blame you for thinking this is sketchy. 

However, many of his YouTube videos involve interviews with other SEO experts and their perspectives. The conversation style on various topics covers new trends in the SEO world to give different viewpoints on emerging trends. Since the digital world is always changing, this is beneficial for new entrepreneurs to hear.

Charles Floate also takes an interesting approach to black hat and advises mixing it with safe “White Hat SEO” practices. This is a “Grey Hat” approach that seeks to deliver faster results without sacrificing reputation and content. While this approach is unique, it is not always easy to separate it from the other content available on the site. 

Overall, the grey hat content is mixed in with black hat practices, interviews with experts, and other content. Be cautious when absorbing content, so you implement the practices best for your site. 

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How Do Users Interact with Charles Floate’s Platform?

Both the YouTube and Twitter channels operate as normal social media channels. Visitors have the options to like, subscribe, follow, comment, and more. 

The YouTube channel has 7,700 subscribers and seven years’ worth of videos. The most recent videos have views ranging from nearly 1,000 to over 12,000. 

When watching videos, always keep an eye on the posting date. You may be watching outdated information that isn’t as helpful right now. 

The Twitter account is updated regularly and has 13,500 followers and over 13,000 tweets. It serves as a great bounce-off point to other sites with links easy to incorporate into tweets. As a public profile, anyone can view the tweets and interact. 

The sites offer basic metrics of interaction statistics, but you can also run this information through other platforms for a detailed analysis of who is interacting with the page. While not foolproof, the initial statistics give you an idea of his engagement and interaction rates. 

What Information Can I Find on Charles Floate?

The channels focus on SEO practices, specifically black hat techniques. It also provides interviews with other SEO professionals, allowing visitors to get secondary perspectives on SEO trends. The content is formatted with visual aids to make learning SEO content easier. 

You have the option to click on links and be redirected to third-party sites for resources about each topic. 

The most recent YouTube video topics include: 

  • Analyzing Google May 2020 Core Update Analysis 
  • SEO Tips for 2019 – Free SEO Training Guide 
  • The State of Link Building 
  • Google Core Algorithm Updates Explained

Who Is Charles Floate For?

SEO tactics are generally recommended to anyone interested in digital marketing. However, Floate’s black hat tactics are better for those with advanced SEO skills. 

Casual SEO users might benefit more from Floate’s Twitter account, rather than his in-depth and black hat focused YouTube channel. The YouTube content tends to be more technical, while his Twitter page keeps things simple and encourages people to learn about SEO. The Twitter channel also debunks SEO myths, like how difficult it is to generate revenue through SEO channels. 

How Much Does Charles Floate Cost?

Both the YouTube and Twitter channels are free to access. You can view the YouTube channel videos without a profile, but you will need a profile to subscribe. You would need a Twitter account to view and interact with the Twitter page. This will require some basic information and a username to get started. 

Since the information is free, keep in mind that you are getting what you pay for. If you are interested in investing some money to learn about these topics, both pages have redirect links to platforms offering information for a fee. 

Use information about black hat practices at your discretion. Always keep an eye on the dates of videos to ensure the information is still relevant, which is the best way to avoid having your site penalized. 

Is Charles Floate Worth It?

While e-commerce practices are great to implement for your site, you may be wary of the black hat techniques. Since both platforms are free to use, the only investment needed here is your time. However, time is still valuable, so we want you to invest it wisely. 

 Overall, here is a summary of the pros and cons:


  • Has useful information about “grey hat” tactics 
  • Can comment and interact with other viewers 
  • YouTube is public, so you do not need a profile to learn
  • Interviews with other SEO experts 


  • All content types mixed together (including travel blog and video game posts) 
  • Need user profiles to engage 
  • Most of the advice comes from one person (aside from interviews)
  • Focus on black hat practices, which can get your site penalized or banned 

What If I Don’t Want to Learn About SEO to Make My Website?

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