ClickMinded Review

ClickMinded Review: A Blog and Toolkit for SEO Writers

Everyone has heard of training websites for SEO and digital marketing. These days, it seems like they’re a dime a dozen. Anyone can teach these courses, which lowers their reputability and makes us skeptical about checking out the new offerings.

However, ClickMinded is an up-and-coming digital marketing resource that’s recommended by SEO professionals to newbies. It offers courses in SEO, content, social media marketing, and almost anything else you can think of to improve your rankings. 

But is ClickMinded worth it?

Keep reading our review to find out!

What Is ClickMinded?

ClickMinded is an online digital marketing resource that offers courses in SEO and digital marketing. Each one takes between 2-6 hours to finish.

Courses also come with instructions for marketers and SEO professionals to use when applying what they’ve learned when developing their business’s marketing strategies. 

If users do not want to pay for ClickMinded, there is a free version available that contains introduction courses, blog posts, and basic guides.

Should I Use ClickMinded?

ClickMinded has articles and blog posts about pretty much everything you need to know, from CTA buttons and social media calendars to domain checkers and search operators. The blog is free to use, and we’re strong believers in using free knowledge to your advantage.

However, you’ll need to invest in courses that offer in-depth information. ClickMinded offers seven mini-courses based on marketing, sales funnels, advertising, Google Analytics, and SEO. 

While these courses are expensive, we believe it’s worth it. There’s plenty to learn and, since you get lifetime access and updates when you purchase the bundle of courses, there’s always more to come. That’s why we think ClickMinded is for businesses that are ready to invest in their SEO. 

How Do Users Interact with the ClickMinded Platform?

There’s so much to find on ClickMinded’s platform that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first arrive. We’re breaking down the website by section, so you can get familiar with what’s in store for you:

Purchasing Courses and Products

When you’re on the homepage, you’ll notice a menu in the upper right-hand corner. Click on this menu and press the “Courses and Products” button. This will lead you to another sub-menu where you can see the Digital Marketing Bundle, each of the seven mini-courses, and the SOP Library. 

Clicking on any of the first eight options will lead you to a page that gives you more information about purchasing courses and products (we’ll get into each of the courses in more detail later).

Strategy Guide

When you click on “Strategy Guide,” You’ll find yourself on a page where you can download strategy guides for a variety of subjects, including:

  • Digital marketing
  • Sales funnels
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • And more

These strategy guides are all free to download, which is great for those who don’t want to commit to doing a full class just yet.


ClickMinded’s blog is one of their best free resources for marketing and SEO professionals. The blog has tons of different articles written by plenty of different SEO writers, digital marketing professionals, and other experts in the field.

The blog is free to use; all you must do is navigate to their blog section and click on the article (or articles) you wish to read.

What Information Can I Find on ClickMinded?

You can find information about almost any subject within the realm of marketing and SEO. Subjects you’ll find while browsing the Blog section of ClickMinded’s website include:

  • 51-point SEO checklist
  • Google tag manager in WordPress
  • HTTP status codes
  • Advanced Google search operators
  • And much more

There’s much more information you’ll find while taking one of their seven mini-courses. Their courses are outlined in more detail below.

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Social Media Marketing

In this course, you’ll learn about marketing practices, implementing them in your business, and how to use social media advertising to get more audience engagement. 

You’ll learn about the following subjects:

  • How to promote your business on social media
  • Brand image
  • Tracking competitors
  • Measuring success
  • Social media crises (how to avoid them and how to manage them)

Content Marketing

You’ll learn how to identify your audience in the content marketing course. This includes learning your target audience’s motivation, background information (age, education, how they identify, etc.), and other factors so that you can adjust your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential to getting people hooked on your website and getting click-throughs. In this course, you’ll learn how to personalize your emails and tailor them to specific audiences based on their demographics. 

You’ll also learn the difference between sending a generic email and sending a mobile-friendly one.

Paid Advertising

In the course on paid advertising, you’ll learn how to use paid advertisements to your advantage without paying exorbitant amounts of money to get them on peoples’ screens. 

This course covers paid framework, segmentation, retargeting, advertisements, and much more.

Sales Funnels

In the sales funnels course, you’ll learn how important the customer pathway is. This includes sales, conversions, and the perfect timing to get them to take your desired action (buy your product, sign up for emails, see your website, etc.).

Web Analytics

Tracking and reporting site traffic will help you increase your site’s (and your business’s) efficiency. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to measure, collect, analyze, and report your site’s data to understand and optimize it.

Search Engine Optimization

We all know what SEO includes: keywords, meta descriptions, headings, etc. However, not every business person knows how to use these tools.

This course covers how to use these SEO techniques and rank higher. It also covers how to read search results and use data for growth.

Who Is ClickMinded for?

ClickMinded’s blog is for anyone who wants to learn more about SEO and digital marketing strategies without paying a pretty penny for it. The blogs are very informative, so you don’t need to pay for the full bundle or mini-courses if SEO and digital marketing aren’t your careers (or future careers).

However, if you take SEO and digital marketing seriously and want to get valuable certifications to excel in the industry, the ClickMinded courses are for you. 

How Much Does ClickMinded Cost?

As we said before, ClickMinded is a bit on the pricey side. Each of the seven mini-courses will run you $997. However, this $997 will get you the course information, certification exam at the end of the course, as well as some other goodies. You get what you pay for, and these courses are very valuable for those interested in the industry.

If you’re interested in all the courses but don’t want to spend almost $7k, good news: ClickMinded has an extreme sale right now where you can get all seven courses for a little over the price of two. Say you only want to take the email marketing and sales funnel courses; you might as well pay for all seven courses for $1997 (only $3 more than taking just the two courses alone). 

Is ClickMinded Worth It?

ClickMinded is worth a read if you’re interested in digital marketing and SEO. It’s got lots of information about a variety of subjects that is interesting to everyone. You can learn a lot from this website for free, and you can learn even more from the paid courses. 

Overall, we very much recommend ClickMinded to website beginners young and old looking to increase their web traffic and sales. However, we do not recommend it to non-enthusiasts or business owners that don’t have enough time to complete the training courses and apply this in-depth knowledge. 


  • Courses cover everything you need to know about increasing traffic and sales to your website
  • Course bundle comes with lifetime access and updates
  • Variety of subjects so you can pick and choose what to study
  • Certifications at the end of the courses


  • Very expensive
  • Little to no job guidance or mentorship

What Are Alternatives to ClickMinded?

The ClickMinded courses will give you practical tools to get ahead in the business. However, this is not for people with limited time on their hands.

If you’re only looking to learn more about one subject (like email marketing or sales funnels), you can take just one course. 

If you’re afraid that this is too much of a time commitment, you can also purchase a pre-made optimized domain and avoid learning about SEO.  

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