Content Marketing Institute Review

Are you curious about content marketing and what it entails? Are you a startup looking to expand your marketing repertoire? Perhaps you’re an established company seeking to justify adding a marketing budget to your team? Or maybe you want to boost the results of your current marketing efforts?

 Whatever your current situation, the Content Marketing Institute may have the information and resources you need to succeed. 

The site is a helpful resource with how-to instructions and pertinent information for content marketers. Learn more about what this site has to offer in our detailed Content Marketing Institute review.

What Is the Content Marketing Institute?

The Content Marketing Institute, better known as CMI, came about in the mid-2000s as digital marketing began to take off. 

Before it evolved into what it is today, CMI operated as Junta24. Junta24 helped to match marketing campaigns between appropriate brands and sites. However, the volume of requests for more general guidance on content marketing soon overwhelmed the site’s capabilities. 

In response to this great need, the creators launched CMI Content Marketing World and CCO Magazine, run by founder Joe Pulizzi. 

CMI has since been the leading site for global content marketing education and training. Besides education and resources, CMI also hosts events, summits, and networking events.

Who Should Use the Content Marketing Institute?

CMI is suitable for anyone whose job involves content marketing. You might be a company leader, a freelancer, an agency, or even an independent blogger or affiliate marketer. Any one of these professions can make use of this site’s numerous resources.

Currently, there are over 218,000 people subscribed to CMI’s email service. Most of these people are professionals looking to sharpen their skills and grow the reach of their business.

You should also use CMI if you need more training to become a proficient marketer. Through CMI’s Content Marketing University, newcomers can learn everything they need to know about this specialized field. By the end of the training and courses, you’ll be ready to impress your peers and make good on promises that they will see results fast.

How Does the Audience Interact with Content Marketing Institute?

Users interact with the company by reading the many articles and blog posts covering various content marketing topics. They also may attend the several annual events the organization puts on, enroll in CMI masterclasses, or tune into webinars.

The site makes it easy to interact with from the start. The top of the site displays the latest stories posted by CMI with short snippets of the articles. That way, users can get a feel for the information it provides before clicking off the page to read the rest.

The top menu header also makes it simple to find what you’re looking for on the site. Need resources, events, podcasts, or magazine information? You can find it all right there.

What Does CMI Have to Offer?

CMI publishes various articles from some of the industry’s top names. Some of the hottest topics you’ll find on CMI’s website include:

  • Video and visual marketing tools
  • Audience building strategies
  • Industry news
  • Social media tactics
  • Strategy development ideas
  • Measurement and data metrics
  • ROI assessment
  • Content distribution

The site also offers consultations on your marketing strategy, overseen by Robert Rose, CMI’s Chief Strategy Advisor. Consulting services can help with:

  • Audience persona development and customer journey mapping
  • Audits for your current channels and content
  • Coaching as needed
  • Custom research projects

Additionally, CMI offers directories of both technology vendors and marketing agencies for its users.

Finally, CMI has partnered with other industry leaders. These partnerships provide specialized information on an array of hot topics within the industry. Some partner companies include Integrate, intrado Digital Media, and Turtl, to name a few.

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Does CMI Provide More Than Just Content?

Yes! It also goes a step further by providing:

  • Real in-person events
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Regular podcasts
  • Training courses 

While the content may be helpful for some people, others may get more of a benefit from listening to podcast episodes in the car or attending a networking event. By providing varied educational options, CMI has something for marketers at any level.

How Much Does the Content Marketing Institute Cost?

The information on the CMI platform is free for anyone to use. However, it does charge for the virtual learning courses. These courses are available through the Content Marketing Institute University, otherwise known as CMI U. 

The cost of these courses varies based on what type of learner you are. Their pricing model includes costs for individuals, non-profits, and alumni: 

  • If you’re an individual looking to participate in a 12-month enrollment period, the cost is $995.00 per learner.
  • If you’re a non-profit member who wants to leverage the power of CMI U to make a difference, the cost is $695.00.
  • If you’re an alumni member seeking a refresher course to refine your knowledge and sharpen your skills, the cost is $595.00 per learner.

Discounts are available for groups of three or more learners as well as for corporate or white label access.

Is the Content Marketing Institute Worth It?

While the CMI U courses will cost a significant amount, the rest of the site is free to browse and use as you see fit. That said, parts of what CMI offers may be more helpful than others, depending on your situation. Let’s recap with some pros and cons:


  • Helpful content marketing information from industry experts
  • Multimedia content
  • Free to browse
  • Networking and professional development events
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Training courses


  • Classes are expensive

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