Cross Tech Media Review was once the domain owned and operated by CrossTech Media. This company was an integrated event and media business. 

They specialized in online and in-person experiences. These events focused on educating mid-sized organizations about business technology.

The website overviewed CrossTech Media, its services, and events. Visitors learned about the company and when and where the next event would be. The site allowed clients to learn about the firm’s team members and careers. Visitors could also use the website to contact the company.

The company also published webinars and podcasts on its site. These resources educated clients on essential issues in the field.

About CrossTech Media

CrossTech Media defined CrossTech. The term refers to the intersection of technology, content, markets, and solutions. 

It is also the crossroads of IT decision-making and business. Additionally, it reflects the ongoing connection between technology providers and buyers. The broad term describes how technology intersects with various marketing and business industries.

CrossTech Media served business decision-makers with technology and social media support. The company helped businesses get their message across to the right audiences. Through technology, these clients gained the necessary tools to connect more fully with their target markets. Also, the company had a subset of services dedicated to supporting non-profit enterprises.

What CrossTech Media Offered

CrossTech Media offered a combination of events and services. They provided both community and content to business leaders.

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CrossTech Media held nationwide events in cities such as Portland, Boston, Atlanta, and San Francisco. They also hosted online events that attendees could access from anywhere.

  • ITEC Events – These gatherings took place online and in-person. They demonstrated to businesses how IT could solve their organization’s most pressing and recurring problems.
  • Inbound Marketing Summit – This conference was a gathering of online marketing professionals. The aim was to solve the world’s communications challenges. The New Marketing Labs team helped to organize and support the events.
  • CrossTech Forums – These were summits and conferences. They brought together vendors, top business decision-makers, thought leaders, and professional associations. The events enabled attendees to share knowledge and build community. They covered various industries, including health, life sciences, finance, and more.


CrossTech Media’s services were expansive. They helped professionals who worked in both the for-profit and non-profit realms. Here is a quick break down of what the company offered.

For-Profit Services

  • Strategy and development for events
  • Programs to recruit audiences
  • Web and event technology services
  • Conference programming and housing services

Non-Profit Services

  • Leadership training
  • Strategies for fundraising
  • Convention planning
  • Community development
  • Sponsorships, venue selection, and housing
  • Administration and negotiation for contracts

Market Overview

When CrossTech Media began its operations back in 2007, Facebook was still in its infancy. Many companies did not know how to take full advantage of this new platform. They lacked sufficient knowledge in using technology and online communications to solve general company problems. Around this time, Poll Everywhere was just coming online as well. The event tool allowed organizers to poll attendees in real-time.

Halfway through the first decade of the 2000s, the events industry changed. It began incorporating technology more completely.

The events that CrossTech Media curated capitalized on this trend. They appealed to technology enthusiasts, IT decision-makers, and business executives.

Social media and other technological advances became more popular. Companies like CrossTech Media helped clients embrace these changes. At the same time, they proved that integrating technology could help businesses become more profitable.  


Exgenex is another event and technology solutions company, founded in 1993. Today many firms have moved into the event tech space, including:

  • Social Tables, a web-based collaborative event planning platform
  • TapCrowd by etouches, software for event management
  • Weavent, a group hosting business conferences

These competitors may offer similar services. However, CrossTech Media was the first to bring all these facets together.

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