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A Detailed Look at Daryl Rosser and His Blog Lion Zeal: Our Review of this SEO Expert

Are you looking to step up your digital marketing game? Maybe you’ve had some success, or you’ve had difficulty finding clients for your SEO business, and you’re ready to expand? 

Mastering the arts of digital marketing is no easy task. The trends are constantly changing, and you have to keep up with the updates to maintain your company. 

Whatever the reason that leads you here, you might want to consider enlisting the help of Daryl Rosser to get to the next economic level in your work. 

The review will go over all aspects of Daryl Rosser’s YouTube channel and his company’s services, Lion Zeal. You’ll learn more about who he is, what’s available through Lion Zeal, and what you can get out of using his services.    

Who is Daryl Rosser?

Daryl Rosser is an SEO and digital marketing entrepreneur who runs Lion Zeal and is also a YouTuber. He started as a consultant for 7- to 8- figure companies to boost their SEO sales. He started Lion Zeal to share the information that he learned with others interested in the subject. 

Daryl Rosser created a series of interviews with experts in the SEO Industry from his success as a blogger and consultant. He covers topics ranging from advanced marketing tactics to business growth strategies. He asks questions about how they earned their success and brought their companies to the next level. 

Big names that he’s talked to include Ryan Stewart, Joe Sinkwitz, and Gregory Ortiz. 

What is Lion Zeal?

All 70+ of his podcast episodes are up for free on his website, Lion Zeal. He created the series in September 2014 as a way for Daryl Rosser to share his knowledge with others. He talks about things that include creating Private Blog Networks, optimizing SEO, and how to make money from SEO. 

The website also houses blog articles filled with SEO advice, tactics, and strategies. You can book hourly consultations with Daryl Rosser for your business or personal SEO needs.

Should I Watch Daryl Rosser and Read His Content on Lion Zeal?

As an entrepreneur in the SEO business, you might be wondering if you should check out the content that Daryl Rosser provides. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need a consultant to help boost your business?
  • Do you want to boost your SEO knowledge?
  • Do you want a forum to discuss strategies and tactics?

If you answered yes to all three, then Rosser could become a consistent and trustworthy resource for you. Here’s how:

  • If you are looking for insider information about the SEO industry, then Daryl Rosser’s podcast series the Lion Zeal show has what you’re looking for. 
  • Those that are starting their SEO business from the ground up will find the tips and tricks Daryl Rosser discusses in his videos and written content helpful, as he aims his advice towards beginners. 
  • If you’re looking to become a part of a larger SEO community, the Lion Zeal Facebook group connects you to networking opportunities.
  • If you want to utilize tools and strategies to boost your business’s traffic due to SEO, the blogs available on Lion Zeal will give you strategies that you can implement right away. 
  • If your company needs guest posts, link insertions, PBN links, and managed links on your website, the Lion Zeal team can offer these services and more. 

What is Daryl Rosser’s Community Like?

The community that uses Daryl Rosser’s services is focused on using SEO to make their business more successful. The Facebook group comprises over 20,000 individuals who share advice, tips and tricks, and exchange services. The individuals within the group focus on the following hot topics: 

  • Trending SEO tactics
  • How to succeed as an entrepreneur 
  • Becoming a digital nomad

Daryl Rosser also posts videos on a YouTube channel and has a small community of followers who regularly watch and comment on his videos. The individuals on YouTube ask questions about his life, advice, and add things that they feel add to the story Daryl is trying to tell. Mostly, the community seems to be entrepreneurs looking to start businesses. 

How Do Users Interact with the Lion Zeal Blog?

Users can interact with the Lion Zeal blog without making an account. All the blogs, podcast episodes, and web pages are available to anyone who types the URL into the search bar. 

However, if you want to use the services that Lion Zeal offers, you’ll need an account. Fortunately, all you need is a business email, and the bill is sent straight there. 

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What Info Can I Find on Daryl Rosser’s Channel and the Lion Zeal Blog?

You can find blog posts that dive into various aspects of the SEO industry. You’ll also find posts that talk about becoming an entrepreneur or a small business owner. 

The podcast series contains discussions with people in the SEO industry. Daryl Rosser asks them questions about how they became successful and stood out from the competition. 

On his YouTube channel, you’ll find advice for starting and maintaining an SEO consulting business. You’ll also find info to help you do cold-call email pitches, save money, and build links into your website. 

All the content produced by Daryl Rosser focuses on SEO, website construction and maintenance, small business building, and becoming financially independent. His blog posts, podcast episodes, and YouTube videos are designed to help you enter successfully into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Who is Daryl Rosser For?

The content audience is those who want to live lives of financial freedom. His posts range from speaking to an individual who has an idea to big businesses looking to up their SEO game. 

You’ll find all sorts of advice, tips, and tricks on his site and YouTube channel. Mostly, Daryl Rosser creates content for those who want to emulate the lifestyle he’s created for himself. He wants to help other individuals achieve the success that he has. 

How Much Does it Cost to Access Daryl Rosser’s Content?

Daryl Rosser has content and services for all companies and budgets ranging from the low end to the higher ranges. 

  • Smaller businesses and entrepreneurs on a restricting budget can utilize the free YouTube videos, Lion Zeal blog posts, or the community page. 
  • Medium-sized companies can invest in GPs, link insertions, and other services to boost their SEO scores. 
  • Large corporations can hire Daryl Rosser and his team for hourly personal consultations. 

Is Daryl Rosser’s Content Worth it?

If you’re interested in starting your SEO business and becoming financially free, you’re probably considering investing in Daryl Rosser’s paid content. Before diving in and making the commitment, you probably want to weigh the pros and cons to make a smart investment. So, is Daryl Rosser’s content worth it?


  • Free content available to the public for introductory SEO learning
  • An inside look at working professionals in the SEO industry who are seeing major success
  • A community of like-minded individuals who can inspire you on your journey
  • A variety of platforms so that a variety of learners can engage in Daryl Rosser’s content
  • Blog posts and YouTube videos that dive into the inner workings of the SEO industry


  • His paid-for for content is expensive
  • You still have to design your website and make posts for yourself
  • No guarantee that you will interact with Daryl if you pay for services

What if Daryl Rosser’s Content Isn’t For Me?

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have time to work with an SEO consultant to make their websites fit the standards. If your company doesn’t have the money, time, or resources to work with Daryl Rosser and his private team, you have other options.

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