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The domain was a website for the Digital Media Buying Institute, a company that offered educational resources for media buying professionals. served as the Internet home base for the Digital Media Buying Institute’s high-level courses and blog posts. Visitors could go to, sign up for a membership, and enroll in courses that fostered media buying skills.

About Digital Media Buying Institute

The mission of DMBI, formerly, was to help beginner media buyers become competitive in the industry. By providing high-level courses and additional educational resources, DMBI equipped members with the skills and knowledge needed to start a media buying career. 

These courses prepared members for several career paths, such as climbing the ladder at a company, performing freelance work, and educating future buyers.

Visitors to could access courses if they became members. Buyers would become a member by choosing one of three options that best fit their needs. These points of entry included:

  • Starting a career as a buyer
  • Staying updated on industry trends to excel in a current position
  • Enhancing buying skills to improve campaign results

Once interested parties chose one of the three options on the About page, they were directed to a course recommended by the Institute. 

On each course’s homepage, users would find an in-depth introduction to the course that outlined who the course was best for and what participants could expect to get from the curriculum. The page also included a detailed course syllabus, with information including video titles and module time requirements. From there, users had the option to decide whether they wanted to enroll.

All DMBI courses came with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allowed anyone to go through as much or as little of the course as they desired in 30 days. Then, users could decide if the information was worth the enrollment fee. Anyone that was not satisfied with the course could easily email support staff within 30 days of enrollment for a full refund of their purchase.

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What DMBI Offered provided high-level, niche courses that focused on valuable topics in the media buying space. These courses helped members to do the following:

  • Launch a media buying career, grow in the field, or improve current campaign results
  • Systemize the buying process for efficient, effective campaigns
  • Skip the trial and error phase of new trends and implement only what worked
  • Test new ad networks that increase adoption speed and implementation time
  • Learn from industry leaders in the media buying field earning 7+ figures
  • Increase value per client by identifying and working with ideal clients
  • Maximize ad dollar value by avoiding costly mistakes
  • Access a supportive community with expertise in the industry

Market Overview

Media buying was still climbing the ranks when was active. The DMBI was one of the first organizations to offer educational resources about media buying online. Those interested in fast learning outside of the traditional classroom benefited from its tutorials, and DMBI saw a positive response from its users.

In June 2017, reported that it had enrolled over 4,239 students. Some of the past students reported successful experiences with courses. Students reported growth in areas such as: 

  • Campaign results
  • Expanded ad offerings
  • Increased profitable ad spend
  • Decreased cost per lead


One of the first media buying e-books, The Programmatic Trading Manual: Trading Performance Strategies for Media Buyers, came out in 2018. 

Other competitors included:

Additionally, eLearning platforms like Udemy also served a similar market with its courses. 

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