Learning about Digital & Affiliate Marketing: Is DMIEXPO Worth It?

Whether you are just starting in digital marketing or have been in the industry for years, it never hurts to reach out to like-minded individuals and learn from their experience.

Some hiccups come with networking online; back and forth email exchanges can get tiresome. The relationship is entirely dependent on your busy schedule and whether you can commit to the conversation. 

That’s why most entrepreneurs that are eager to connect with others attend DMIEXPO, which stands for Digital Marketing International Expo. Every year, DMIEXPO hosts its in-person conference to connect digital marketers from all over the world.

Below, we will offer a comprehensive review of this conference to help you determine if it’s worth attending. 

What is DMIEXPO?

The DMIEXPO team has more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. It founded the conference over ten years ago and has since hosted more than 65 events.

DMIEXPO is designed to bring digital marketing professionals in various industries together for group discussion and networking. After more than a decade in operation, the DMIEXPO team has built up a solid network of contacts. 

At the event, you and other digital marketers can connect and share ideas. Plus, you can get insight from knowledgeable on-stage presenters and exhibitors. 

Who Founded DMIEXPO?

Itay Paz and Ryan Deiss cofounded this conference. Both individuals are very successful entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers in the digital marketing world. 

Where and When is DMIEXPO?

Every year, DMIEXPO takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s an international conference that’s open to business professionals all around the world. 

Over the years, DMIEXPO has taken place in the spring and fall. The upcoming 2021 presentation will take place in late April. 

The DMIEXPO team already has the 2022 conference advertised on its website. The exact dates for this event aren’t released yet, but you can sign up to get notified when the dates come out. 

What Can I Expect from DMIEXPO? 

DMIEXPO offers digital marketers a lot of benefits. Over two days, attendees will view insightful presentations and have the chance to network with influential individuals. 

No one at DMIEXPO tries to sell anything. The conference is very clear that there are no commercials or promotions advertised. Rather, the conference’s goal is to help attendees advance in the digital marketing world. 

The event is managed by people who have attended in the past. DMIEXPO’s senior management team selects presenters based on the value of their information. 

The team also ensures that each panelist can offer an engaging presentation. Pre-session reviews determine how the presentations flow together, so there’s never any disorganized overlap. 

Though sponsors and exhibitors are important parts of the conference, the DMIEXPO team always prioritizes the audience. The team understands the audience’s commonly asked questions and topics of curiosity. So, it designs the conference around these to emphasize key issues. 

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What Are Some Other Perks of DMIEXPO?

DMIEXPO offers the following perks to attendees:

● Real meals rather than bagged lunches during the event

● Conference bags made for ongoing use

● Digital copies of every presentation (this way, you can focus on the actual presenter and revisit the details later)

● Exclusive networking events

What Are the Attendee Options for Marketing Professionals?

You can register to attend DMIEXPO as an affiliate or company. Attending as a company means that you represent an advertising network, affiliate network, technology company, or service provider. 

Affiliate Registration

 As an affiliate, you will receive access to:

● Two full exhibition days

● More than 30 quality speeches and panels

● Two days of full Israeli breakfast and lunches

● Access to the espresso bar over two days

● The ability to download all of the presentations

● Networking receptions and events

Company Registration

If you register as a company, which is a bit more expensive, you will receive a couple of additional benefits:

● The company name and logo listed on the DMIEXPO website

● Links to the company website, LinkedIn, and Facebook

What If I Want to Host an Exhibition?

Successful companies like Outbrain and Yomali are exhibitionists at DMIEXPO. In this role, these companies gain access to high-impact marketing opportunities. They attract high-quality affiliates, traffic sources, clients, and digital marketers to their businesses.

If you want to join the 120+ exhibitionists at DMIEXPO, you can! You will need to read over DMIEXPO’s pricing to determine the pricing package that works for your goals. Once you decide on a package, you will need to fill out a form and wait for the staff’s approval. 

Does DMIEXPO Offer Discounts?

Yes. You are eligible for a group discount if you are registering five or more attendees from your company. The discounts are:

● 20% off when you buy 5-9 passes

● 25% off when you buy ten or more passes

You cannot get these discounts via the regular registration process. You will need to call or email DMIEXPO to get the special booking instructions. 

What Is DMIEXPO’s Refund Policy?

You can seek a refund up until 14 business days before the event. If you request a refund, you will receive the funds within four to six weeks of the event’s conclusion. 

DMIEXPO will not issue refunds in the case of a natural disaster. However, it will honor all registrations for the predetermined rescheduled dates. 

How Does DMIEXPO Improve Its Future Events?

From our experience, we have noticed that the DMIEXPO team values attendees’ feedback highly. 

The advisory board that sets up the event every year always implements past comments from attendees. It considers all feedback types, including formal evaluation forms, in-person conversations with attendees at the event, and email submissions. 

When you attend this event, you can rest assured it will always be better than the last.

Plus, you can always submit your own feedback, offering ways the board can improve the expo in the future. 

Who is DMIEXPO For?

DMIEXPO restricts access to business professionals. However, this category includes a lot of different industries and fields. If you are involved in any of the following niches, this conference is for you:

● Viral marketing

● Website design

● Internet usability and accessibility

● SMS and mobile marketing

● SEO and SEM

● Affiliates

● Ad serving

● Ad sales

● Blogging

● Web analytics

● Marketing communications

● Online publishing

● Online recruitment

● Email marketing

Whether you are hoping to improve your web analytics research skills or compose better ads for your business, DMIEXPO can help you accomplish your goals. Nearly anything that falls under the umbrella term “digital marketing” will be covered at this international conference.

Is DMIEXPO Worth It?

If you’re looking to make long-lasting relationships in the digital marketing world, DMIEXPO is worth visiting. This conference has something for everyone, whether you are newer to the digital marketing world or a seasoned veteran. 

View our breakdown of this event’s pros and cons:


● The conference caters to all types of businesspeople in the digital marketing world

● The conference is engaging and includes a nice mix of speeches, presentations, and exhibitions from successful digital marketing companies

● The conference has attracted quality attendees for over a decade and is well-recognized in the industry as a productive, beneficial event

● The event team considers attendees’ feedback to improve future events


● The ticket prices will go up after a certain date, but you can avoid the cost increase by ordering your ticket ahead of time

● It may be difficult to get accepted as an exhibitor, but this is to ensure that DMIEXPO only has the highest-quality presenters

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