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Who is Doug Cunnington? What to Know About the Niche Site Project

So, you want to start a niche site but are not sure where to start? After all, there are virtually limitless numbers of niche topics you could create a site around. 

Are you looking to start from scratch or seeking guidance along the way? Niche sites are excellent forms of passive income and often center on a topic you are passionate about. It’s a lucrative and fulfilling side hustle that everyone should consider. 

The key to a niche site is a solid site, which includes both template layouts and content. While that may sound straightforward, the web building process can be long and daunting for those just getting started. You’ll have to make a myriad of decisions, the least of which is the actual subject and content. 

This is where the expertise of Doug Cunnington and the Niche Site Project comes into play. This website offers a compilation of resources from an expert affiliate marketer. 

We dove into the project and all its resources to determine if this is the guide you need to build a niche site. 

What Is the Niche Site Project?

The Niche Site Project is the creation of Doug Cunnington. He is a course creator, internet marketer, and project management professional. He uses his areas of expertise to craft the ultimate guide on SEO practices, affiliate marketing, and productivity. 

Doug Cunnington’s work and the Niche Site Project have been featured on various media outlets, including CNBC, Side Hustle Nation, and Hub Spot.

The Niche Site Project provides different templates and systems focused on creating Amazon affiliate pages and turning the page into a side hustle. 

There are a few templates offered, and the topics covered include: 

  • Content Templates 
  • Niche Site Processes 
  • Keyword Golden Ratio Calculator 

Each template or guide is downloadable and is the creation of Doug Cunnington based on his professional experience. 

The project centers on building an Amazon Affiliate Website and has an ultimate guide for those starting to build their website. The topics covered in this section, including: 

  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Amazon Associate Program 
  • Real Affiliate Niche Site Examples 
  • Roadmap to Building a Site 

Should I Use the Niche Site Project?

This site is easy to navigate and offers a lot of information about building a niche site and turning a profit. 

Overall, the information Cunningtom focuses on is the Niche Site Process. It gives a step-by-step guide for people to follow. Here are some central points in that process: 

  • Niche or Market Selection (Idea Generation, Keyword Research, etc.) 
  • Build Framework (Choose Domain Name, Select Theme, etc.) 
  • Content Management Plan (Write/Outsource, Publishing, etc.) 
  • Promotion and Outreach (Blog Commenting, Social Media, etc.) 
  • Email Marketing (Autoresponder Service, Create Lead Magnet, etc.) 
  • Advanced Niche Site Process (Scale with More Content, Build Additional Niche Site, etc.)

If the Niche Site Process appeals to you, the Niche Site Project may be a good starting point to building an Amazon Affiliate or niche site. The relatable, first-person tone takes you on a journey with the original creator as you learn how to create an optimized page. 

How Do Users Interact with the Niche Site Project’s Platform?

The platform encourages users to download PDFs and other documents by providing an email address before providing the information. It is mainly a passive form of engagement where users read the content and use the information at their discretion. Each blog post has the opportunity to leave comments. Anyone with a valid email can sign-on to the Niche Site Project platform and processes. 

It does redirect from the About page to the creator’s YouTube and Podcast channels. These platforms would allow for more interactions among those interested but are also used at the visitor’s discretion. 

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What Information Can I Find on the Niche Site Project Platform?

The project’s main focuses are:

  • Productivity tactics
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing tips
  • Project management guides
  • Effective SEO strategies

You can read about each topic through the Resources, Amazon Affiliate, and Blog tabs. 

The blog is updated regularly with a wide variety of topics, including subjects like: 

  • How to Stay Motivated when your New Niche Site Isn’t Earning Much (Yet) 
  • Conversion Tips for Amazon Associate Sites
  • Improving Content for Authority & Niche Sites 

The information covers pretty much everything related to building a niche website or Amazon Affiliate website. 

Who Is the Niche Site Project For?

The project starts at step one with building a niche site by walking you through deciding on your focus and understanding basic SEO techniques. This makes it ideal for people that need a place to begin learning and a template for what to do once the site takes off. 

The project also offers more advanced templates like improving keyword ratio practices and creating job listings to hire writers. These areas are ideal for those seeking to launch their passive online business to the next level. 

While anyone with an email can access the templates and download, it is best for people seeking to start or expand the side hustle of a niche website. Niche sites focus on specific topics, typically products or services, to connect creators with a target audience. The specialization offers expert information and solutions for readers. 

How Much Does the Niche Site Project Cost?

The Niche Site Project connects visitors to free information related to affiliate marketing, SEO tools, productivity tips, and project management. To download the guides, you need to provide an email address. The blog posts and any guides in the blog section do not require any information to access.

Since the site is free, always keep in mind you get what you pay for – or in this case – do not pay for! The information is created largely from one person’s experience, so use it at your discretion. 

There are testimonials and reviews from people who have used the various processes, so consider exploring these opinions as an indicator of effectiveness. 

Is the Niche Site Project Worth It?

While Niche Site Project is alright to dabble in for building a website, you should use it with caution. The Niche Site Project does a great job at simplifying the topics that go into creating a niche site and effective affiliate marketing. 

However, keep in mind that this information is subjective and to use it at your discretion. Unlike some online resources, which pool information about SEO from several staff writers and specialists, everything on this site comes from Cunnington. We think Cunnington is a trustworthy source, but you’re not getting information from a diverse team. 

Here’s a quick summary of its pros and cons:


· Expansive topic coverage  

· Step-by-step roadmap for building a niche site 

· Most of the content can be accessed without providing information 


· Passive interaction leaving implementation on you 

· Built largely from one person’s experience 

· Will need to subscribe to newsletters and marketing to download guides

What If I Don’t Want to Build My Own Website?

Suppose you want to create a niche site or focus on Amazon Affiliate marketing. In that case, you will want to tap into the various processes that Doug Cunnington offers through Niche Site Project. 

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