EMGI Group Review


The domain EMGIGroup.com was a website for the EMGI Group. The company helped businesses expand or rebuild their brand through search engine optimization and marketing. 

Visitors could learn more about the company’s services, their overall vision and find informative blog posts on the site. Interested parties could ask about consultations for marketing strategies, SEO tactics, reimagining brand image. They also could get help in constructing a new business website.

About EMGI Group

During its initial run, EMGI Group’s mission was to provide consultation for businesses struggling with branding or rebuilding. They provided new, innovative strategies using traditional and new SEO techniques and creative designs. 

The primary focus was on digital marketing with creativity. With new strategies, the company helped brands expand their audience reach. They offered innovative ways to reach more people. 

EMGI Group used four primary objectives: vision, strategy, identity, and experience. These guideposts helped brands craft an image suited to their business needs and intended audiences.

On the group’s website, visitors could learn more about how EMGI implemented these objectives in their marketing and SEO ideas. With technological innovation and online advertisements, businesses could expand their reach.

EMGI Group personalized all its plans for the client’s business. Every business could expect a bespoke proposal, based on consultations with the team at EMGI Group. 

What EMGI Group Offered

The Group offered sales strategies and design plans tailored for its client companies. They based their suggestions around four central concepts:

  • Vision – During the initial consultation, the team would discuss the type of business, including its market and competitors. They would address possible profitable disruptive markets and begin developing new ideas.
  • Strategy – In this step, the team helped owners determine long-term goals for the business. They planned how to sustain growth in the future and gain a competitive edge in their market. These strategies included search engine optimization actions and marketing plans. 
  • Identity – Once they fine-tuned the client’s goals, they worked on its identity. With imaginative brand packages and creative designs, businesses could attract new consumers. 
  • Experience – Here is when EMGI would help companies roll out new strategies and ideas. The goal was to expand the reach of the brand and promote consumer engagement. 

The EMGI Group also had an informative blog. It included information about social media, SEO, marketing, engagement, and more. Visitors could access these resources for free on the company’s website. 

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Market Overview

SEO agencies have been climbing the ranks since the invention of social media and the rise of the internet. It is one the fastest growing markets, and EMGI Group was an innovator in this field.

The world of SEO and creative marketing is vast. Predictably, there are niche corners of the market designed for specific types of online businesses or ideas.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of branding, digital advertising, and SEO. The services that EMGI Group provided continue to be invaluable to businesses.

  • Currently, 72% of marketers say that content marketing is their most successful SEO tactic.
  • SEO increases search engine rankings. Leads from search engines are about 8.5 times more likely to close than traditional leads (such as direct mail).
  • Businesses spend over $65 billion a year on SEO and marketing strategies.


EMGI Group started in 2014 when social media was experiencing a historic boom. Nearly every business was creating websites. Companies that created digital branding were on the rise as well to help businesses in this endeavor.

Major competition during the company’s lifetime included:

Branding agencies and SEO companies are still in high demand to this day. 

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