An Honest Review of FE International

Consolidating SaaS (software as a service) businesses can be very lucrative. However, the process is much easier said than done.

Scaling multiple clouds and promoting customer success requires expertise and labor. These challenges are just some of the problems associated with consolidating a SaaS business. 

If you are looking to consolidate your SaaS, content, or e-commerce business, you shouldn’t attempt it without professional help. Here, we have provided a review of FE International. You can learn how its brokers can help you achieve your consolidation goals. 

What Is FE International?

FE International is a merging and acquisition advisory team. It specializes in consolidating businesses and selling websites in the SaaS, content, and e-commerce industries. 

The company markets its services to mid-market operations. It usually lists assets valued between $25,000 and $1 million. However, it has helped companies of all sizes consolidate. 

How Does FE International Maximize the Value of Your Business?

FE International focuses on helping clients maximize the value of their online businesses. The company has a detailed process for selling customers’ websites. This process breaks down into seven distinct steps:

  • Knowledge Transfer: To help you get the best deal for your online sale, the brokers at FE International familiarize themselves with your business. They will evaluate factors like operations, financial information, and website traffic. 
  • Valuation: After learning about your website, FE International will make a fair and realistic valuation. To arrive at this number, the company will consider future projections, market insights, and precedents. 
  • Sales Preparation: To help best encourage a deal, FE International will create a thorough sales plan. Its brokers will analyze details regarding your business. From there, they will create pertinent marketing materials for qualified buyers. 
  • Marketing: FE International is in constant contact with hundreds of buyers around the world. Its brokers will approach the ones that most likely to have an interest in your website. They only work with pre-screened and vetted investors. During the marketing stage, your broker will solicit several offers. This process ensures you can negotiate the best deal possible. 
  • Due Diligence: A prospective buyer will appraise your assets to determine their profitability. FE International will prepare you for this step in advance. Rest assured, you won’t feel caught off-guard as a seller and risk thwarting the transaction. 
  • Closing: To close the deal, your assigned broker will help you sign the asset purchase agreement and understand its technicalities. They will also help you transfer ownership of your website to the buyer. Funds and assets transferral always takes place through This third-party has been successful at preventing fraud. 
  • Post-Sales Assistance: To guarantee the satisfaction of both buyer and seller, FE International offers comprehensive post-sale assistance. A broker will ensure that the seller provides support to the new website owner. 

This tried-and-true process has helped FE International close hundreds of deals. It’s detail-oriented to ensure that you can earn the maximum amount possible for your website. 

FE International’s primary focus is on selling websites to help clients achieve their acquisition goals. Clients can also purchase a variety of sites on the company’s listing page. 

Where Does FE International Operate?

Since its inception in 2010, FE International has expanded its operating area. The company has teams located in London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and New York. Its brokers represent more than 15,000 vetted buyers spread across 32 different countries. 

The company’s various locations allow it to offer personalized M&A advisory services on a global scale. 

Examples of FE International’s Success

FE International has demonstrated immense success during its ten years in operation. It has sold over 800 online businesses and generated more than half a billion dollars in acquisition value. The company also boasts an impressive 94.1% sales success rate. This rate is unheard of with other similar companies. 

One example of FE International’s success is with a B2B supply chain optimization website. At the time of the initial listing, the site generated yearly revenue of $620,000. FE International sold it for a whopping $1.7 million!

There are also notable examples of FE International’s success with smaller companies. It sold an outdoor sports affiliate website with yearly revenue of $43,000 for an impressive $108,000 sum!

As for what you can expect to earn for your website, there isn’t much public information about FE International’s pricing. Interested sellers will have to contact the company for a valuation and fee quote. 

Is There Anything to Be Aware of with FE International?

The only drawback to FE International that we could find is its asset quality. The company’s due diligence efforts gear toward reducing the chances of fraudulent assets posted. 

While this shows great initiative, FE International could improve its due diligence efforts by also focusing on reducing instances of low-quality assets posted.

As long as buyers demonstrate caution as they are buying or selling a website through FE International, they will reap great rewards.

Is FE International a Worthwhile Company?

Here, we have summarized FE International’s pros and cons: 


  • Has several brokers available to minimize disruptions in the sales process
  • Offers realistic valuations
  • Puts sellers in touch with buyers worldwide
  • High sales success rate compared to other similar companies
  • Has outlined its website selling process in detail
  • Ensures buyer and seller satisfaction for every transaction
  • Facilitates funds and asset transfers through a third party
  • Targets mid-market operations, whereas other companies often limit their services to large-scale enterprises


  • – Range of asset quality means low-rated sites get posted, too.

Through our research and by reading others’ experiences, we have learned that FE International is a worthwhile company. It always lists legitimate assets and demonstrates integrity with both its marketing practices and client relationships. 

What Can I Do If I’m a New Entrepreneur?

If you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur, FE International may not be the right fit for you. Instead of buying a pre-existing website, you can build your own with our team’s help at ODYS Global. 

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