G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) Review

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, but one that you should certainly keep up with if you want your business to succeed. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one avenue in the digital marketing world that continuously expands and changes. For many, a well-executed SEO campaign boosts their rankings, drives traffic to their websites, and leads to more sales or more client connections.

Getting started with SEO is tricky, but you will create a successful campaign with the right resources at your disposal. Many websites specialize in SEO training. Today, we’ll be reviewing one of those websites: G-Squared Interactive (GSQi).

What Is G-Squared Interactive (GSQi)?

G-Squared Interactive launched in 2001 as the brainchild of digital marketing expert Glenn Gabe. In its early years, the company connected clients to new technologies to market their services and products. As the company grew, G-Squared Interactive began to narrow its focus to Search Engine Optimization. 

Today, the website offers a wide range of SEO services, including:

  • Algorithm Update Recovery
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Website Redesigns and Website Migrations
  • SEO Training

G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) offers digital marketing advice from both a marketing perspective and a technical perspective. These multiple perspectives result from Glenn Gabe’s sales, marketing, web development, and programming experience. 

What SEO Services Does G-Squared Interactive Offer?

G-Squared Interactive offers four primary services for SEO and website development. To help you get a better idea of each one, we’ve covered them in detail below.

Algorithm Update Recovery

All search engines utilize algorithms to determine rankings. To run a successful SEO campaign, website creators must be aware of how those algorithms operate and how to use them strategically. 

During the year, most search engines update their algorithms. Core updates like these disrupt websites that are not ready to deal with them. GSQi helps companies recover from core updates.

Technical SEO Audits

One of the first steps in building a strong SEO campaign is identifying any issues that are currently holding it back. This service offered by G-Squared Interactive combines:

  • Crawl analysis
  • Technical audits
  • And Google Search Console (GSC) audits

Together, this comprehensive website evaluation helps to diagnose issues for their clients. While performing technical SEO audits for their clients, Glenn breaks down complex technical information for his clients.

Website Redesigns and Website Migrations

Some website owners choose to do redesigns or migrations to improve their business. However, if not handled properly, this process may disrupt a website’s flow of organic search traffic. 

G-Squared Interactive guides companies through this process to help them keep their SEO strength. With this service, G-Squared Interactive works with:

  • Redesigns
  • Domain name changes
  • CMS migration
  • And other large-scale changes

Glenn Gabe focuses heavily on completing the redirection plan with his clients.

SEO Training

The final service offered by Glenn Gabe and G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) is an SEO training course. The course is the SEO Bootcamp Princeton, led by Gabe. 

The Bootcamp course caters to small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve their services and products’ visibility in searches.

The course is 3 hours long and covers a variety of foundational topics in SEO, including:

  • Link building strategies
  • Keyword research
  • Domain strategy
  • Content optimization
  • And more

In addition to explaining key SEO concepts, the course also shows users how to use core marketing tools and useful browser plugins.  

Does G-Squared Interactive Have a Blog?

Yes, G-Squared Interactive has a prominent blog section on its website. The blog covers a wide range of topics in SEO. Readers can explore published articles by year and month in the archive or find the most recent posts towards the top.

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Should I Use G-Squared Interactive (GSQi?)

If you wish to dive into the world of SEO with a strong technical knowledge of the industry, G-Squared is an excellent place to start. All the services offered by Glenn Gabe on the website have a technical focus, designed to help SEO experts learn what’s going on beyond the search engine results page.

Many of GSQi’s services focus on prevention and recovery in the case of a significant disruption to SEO progress. As an example, let’s say you have built a strong SEO campaign over the years and want to minimize damage from algorithm updates and website migration. For this situation, you should use G-Squared Interactive to maintain the work you’ve already completed.

If you aren’t sure where to start in SEO but want to start reading some articles on the subjects, you will likely benefit from G-Squared Interactive’s blog section. All of the blogs have a heavy focus on the technical side of things.

What Does GSQi Cost?

The answer here is N/A. The site doesn’t list the fees for any of its services, which can deter some users. Part of the reason for this may be that the project’s scope may differ for a small shop versus a large e-Commerce retailer. The lack of listed prices suggests that GSQi does not use a flat-fee model.

If you want to find out the estimated cost for your project, you can contact Glenn Gabe via email at [email protected]

Is G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) Worth It?

Finding the right SEO resource for your campaign is difficult, but not impossible. By now, you’re probably wondering whether G-squared Interactive is a good option for you and your business. To help you decide, here are a few pros and cons to consider:


  • There are technically-focused SEO services to maximize performance
  • SEO Bootcamp is short and easy to fit into a busy schedule
  • The blog is well-researched and updated regularly


  • The website could benefit from adding a search option, especially to find blog posts.

How Do I Know If My Website Is Ready to Benefit from G-Squared?

If you want to develop and grow your website, a strong foundational knowledge of SEO is a must. G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) is a great resource to use for your campaign. 

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