Gaps Website Review

Are you new in startup culture and looking to discover information to help you grow? If so, you probably spend a lot of your time online, scrolling through all the best digital marketing and blogs. In that process, you may have stumbled onto Gaps.

Gaps is where marketers and entrepreneurs can find the latest news and insights on digital marketing. Below, we’ll cover the features of this website, including who it’s for, what information you can get out of it, pros, cons, and more. 

What Is Gaps? 

Gaps is a comprehensive website that features blog posts covering all the ins and outs of online marketing for various startups and businesses. It’s one giant news board for all the latest in startup culture. 

Gaps authors have been featured experts in many reputable publications for their outstanding contribution to the digital startup conversation. 

Gaps is also a sister site of the popular SEO strategy-building site, While Detailed focuses on actionable steps to improve search engine ranking, Gaps fills in the gaps, so to speak, by covering all the industry’s latest shifts.

Who Runs Gaps?

It’s unclear who is the founder or moderator behind Gaps. Instead, it seems to be a conglomeration of writers with experience in SEO, digital marketing, and tech strategy. 

Should I Use Gaps?

Yes, Gaps is an excellent place for those who wish to be learning continuously. Their blog posts offer a time estimate that it takes for you to get through a specific article or blog post. This estimation makes it easy to work into your schedule of everyday learning for your online business model.

Be warned that the information provided on Gaps is available in good faith for general information purposes only. For this reason, be cautious when implementing any action that you’ve found from information on the site. Its disclaimer for marketing makes it clear that any action taken is at the user’s own risk. The site won’t be liable for any losses incurred through a connection to their website.

What Information Can I Gain from Gaps?

There’s a wealth of information offered on Gaps. Blog posts cover everything from:

  • Earning money on sites like Patreon
  • Success stories from mastering Google Algorithms
  • Going rates of reputable blogs
  • Case studies and insights from SEO industries
  • Risk factors from purchasing domain names
  • And more

If you can think of the story you’d like to search for, you’ll likely find something close to the topic that will expand your knowledge of the field. 

Who Is Gaps For?

Gaps is for anyone who’s looking for information about the online startup market. Since it covers all sorts of online startup strategies, stories, and insights, it doesn’t cater to one experience level. There’s something on Gaps for beginners, novices, and advanced digital strategists alike. 

Is Gaps Free to Use?

Yes! Gaps is free to use for all users. You can use the website with or without an email subscription. Signing up with your email means you’ll receive one email per week with relevant industry information. You won’t receive any spam or ads. 

How Credible are the Authors on Gaps? 

The authors on Gaps have been feature contributors on credible sites and publications such as:

  • Forbes
  • Wired
  • The Guardian 
  • Entrepreneur

It’s unclear as to which authors are the most credible, which makes some blog posts hit or miss in terms of how advanced their knowledge or experience is. 

Be sure to read the Disclaimer for Marketing Inc on Gaps’ website before implementing any advice or actionable steps from its authors.

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Is Gaps Worth Using?

Yes, Gaps has a wealth of information that is worth using. It caters to users interested in getting online to read a blog that interests them and less about educational and actionable coursework relevant to your own business or startup.

For that reason, Gaps may not be worth using if you’re someone who’s brand new to the startup world and needs more entry-level education. Some of the topics, vocabulary, and dialogue may go over someone’s head if they’re brand new to this world of online marketing. 


  • There are pages of blogs across all topics.
  • Multiple authors give you different takes, perspectives, and advice that wouldn’t come from one centralized source. 
  • The website is free to use. 
  • You can sign up to receive a free newsletter every week with current industry information and trends.


  • The website is one giant bulletin board of varying blog topics, making it overwhelming to find the information you’re seeking.
  • It operates more as a search engine for blog posts than a website with complete information or startup building courses. 
  • There aren’t any tabs or sections to inform you of who is behind the website.
  • Many different authors make it hard to know what’s reputable.

If you’re new to startups, you may be better off getting your information from one reputable source than a massive site with multiple authors, like Gaps. 

What If I’m Not Interested in Building My Online Startup? 

When you’re building your startup from the ground up, you may not have time to handle all of your digital marketing. Finding a website like Gaps may not lead you to find the answers you need. Instead, you may leave feeling more confused than when you arrived in the first place! 

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