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Is DETAILED SEO Analysis the Best There Is? Our Review

Do you feel that your digital presence or e-commerce store could benefit from an SEO audit and overhaul? You could hire an internal marketing person, pay them an entire salary, onboard them, and hope they do a great job. However, you may not see results immediately, especially if you attempt to audit your strategies all on your own. 

As an alternative, you could work with a service like Detailed to utilize innovative features that focus on specific, actionable changes.

Founder of Detailed, Glen Allsopp, made innovation and simplicity a priority. His site streamlines SEO development so that you can make key adjustments to your strategy, whether you are an SEO professional or a novice. 

We’ve reviewed the overall functionality and success of Detailed’s features so that you can decide whether or not it’s the right partnership for you.

What Is Detailed?

Detailed offers access to exclusive SEO insights and advising via an official private newsletter. It is a solution to the tired search engine optimization tactics that leave you directly in the middle of the herd with reader traffic. It’s what helps you to make an authentic connection with more clients. 

SEO innovator and Detailed founder Glen Allsopp has made it his mission to create meaningful change for companies worldwide with unique and cutting-edge search engine optimization tactics.

Glen’s operation offers a wide range of services available for purchase digitally. Potential clients can easily subscribe to the newsletter by inputting their email on the website.

What is Different About Detailed?

Glen Allsopp at Detailed is all about providing fresh tactics. He knows the digital marketing and SEO sphere is flooded with misleading information and strategies that were developed over a decade ago. Every digital marketing company is using these same tired tactics, and he believes it shows. 

That’s why Glen Allsopp has built a service on his consistent ability to innovate SEO strategies for a unique brand representation online.

Should I Use Detailed?

Clients are using the service because they have a thorough understanding of how investing in search engine optimization could improve development and profits. While this may not be the best investment for every company at any stage of their development, it is certainly a valuable service for many. 

Fledgling companies may not want to part with any amount of their budget to work on search engine optimization. The funds might be better used on social media ads or other overhead costs. On the other hand, stable companies looking to work on their growth and development, expanding their client base, and generating a web presence, may benefit more from working with Glen Allsopp.

You should use Detailed if you want to work on your search traffic growth. Glen Allsopp has an undisputed track record of quadrupling clients’ search traffic with his effective and actionable audits, newsletters, and other services.

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What Services Does Detailed Offer?

One powerful element of Detailed is that owner Glen Allsopp makes much of his insights into SEO available for public viewing. You can find his blog by clicking the tab on the drop-down menu from the website. 

On this blog, he shares in-depth research, data experiments, and industry insights that can be useful for both SEO experts and novices. Titles are clear and descriptive, which means readers lose less time scanning articles for the information they need. 

Each blog has an active comment section, with upwards of 100 comments on each post. This can be a serious benefit for users because it means that if Allsopp didn’t answer your question, someone from the Detailed community can. 

The biggest perk of these blogs is that they’re completely free to read. So why pay for any additional services? Are they worth it? 

In this review, we’ll walk you through many of Glen’s other services and break them down so that you can decide which ones might be right for you.

In addition to a free-to-read blog, Detailed offers various valuable services available for a small fee. With easy and colorful navigational buttons, users can move internally through the site to choose between several available services, including:

  • Video recorded Audits
  • Constantly updating Industry Rankings by Category
  • An Extension for SEO Insights
  • SEO Blueprint: A Private Course

With itemized listings for each of these services, Glen Allsopp allows clients to choose the features they need without paying for the ones they don’t need. Select the SEO revitalization that is most appropriate for your operation’s size and your current knowledge and execution. 

Below is a breakdown, description, and comparison of each service offered by Detailed.

Video SEO Audit

Have you ever wondered all the ways that you could optimize your digital presence for search engines? Glen Allsopp uses his years of intensive research and his cutting-edge technology to complete a full audit of your digital systems. His turnaround for completing these video recordings is even as short as 72 hours.

This is a great service for those who want to be able to look back and replay the audit for future use, but is it worth the $40 when you don’t get a one-on-one with Glen or any questions? We think, yes. 

What many love about this feature is its price. Even though you don’t get any direct face time with Glen himself, you get the benefit of his concentrated effort for a price that beats much of what you’ll see for a live audit and consultation with a large marketing firm.

Industry Rankings

The Industry Rankings interface is simple and free to use. It offers readers a view of the most popular blogs online. It is also separated by category, making it simple for clients to find the industry niches they need. This can help for comparison, as well as generating networking leads for guest posts and more.

SEO Extension

The extension is meant to simplify optimization operations by providing key insights at the click of a button. Scan heading tags easily without having to sift through unimportant text. If you are frequently held back or slowed down by the interface, this extension can be a major asset.

SEO Blueprint

Blueprint is an exclusive private course offering. It allows clients to learn directly from founder Glen Allsopp. The window to sign up is slim, but this program could be a key aspect of your SEO development if you can get a spot. The skills you learn in the class can help you instigate the growth and development of optimization strategies.

How Much Does Detailed Cost?

Because Detailed offers individual services rather than bundles, clients get to mix and match. Blog posts are completely free to read, peruse, and engage with. Video recorded audits are a mere $40, meaning that they can be affordable for even individuals and startups. 

While they may not be a priority for these fledgling companies, they can certainly be within budget.

Is Detailed Worth It?

So, is this site worth it, or is it all flash and no substance? Below you can review the pros and cons of using Glen Allsopp’s services at Detailed:


  • Improved reader traffic
  • New, uncommon SEO tactics for a fresher appeal and less competition
  • Affordable audit offerings
  • Access to cutting edge industry analytics technology


  • You can access blog content for free, but you have to pay for the additional resources
  • Less variety than a large marketing firm
  • Limited interactions with founder Greg Allsopp

The Verdict

While there are plenty of options out there regarding search engine optimization, Glenn Allsopp’s Detailed services offer the benefit of affordability without compromising on quality. Users of his free blog and video audits seem to their improve consumer traffic.

Even though Detailed offers quality learning programs, you might be better off reading the blog and learning from Allsopp’s written content before paying for services first. You might also want to consider purchasing a professionally designed website domain from ODYS Global

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