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Filling Gaps in the Market: Discovering New Business Ideas with 

No matter your experience level as an entrepreneur, you may find it challenging to find a unique business idea. Often, it seems another eager entrepreneur has already taken or improved upon every good idea. is a useful resource you can turn to if you are ever feeling stuck. Under the leadership of owner Glen Allsopp, this website helps entrepreneurs discover profitable niches. 

Learn more about Allsopp’s mission and to discover how you can build a successful online business.

Who Is Glen Allsopp?

Glen Allsopp is a highly motivated entrepreneur and SEO expert. He started his career at the young age of 16 when he launched his first website called MyDJSpace during MySpace’s popularity. This first project of Allsopp’s experienced moderate success, but he soon ditched it to pursue other opportunities.

When he was 17, he moved from England to South Africa to work for a digital marketing agency. As he immersed himself in his new life, he started a personal development blog called PluginID to document his experiences. 

He eventually sold PluginID for a respectable five-figure price and marked it as one of his first real successes in the online realm. Through his guest blogging method, he managed to find a gap in the market when it came to traffic generation.

PluginID was Allsopp’s way of sharing his personal experiences with the world. He also had another blog called ViperChill, dedicated to teaching people how to implement SEO practices and rank higher in search engine results pages. 

Allsopp struggled to gain subscribers to his blog, so he solved a second gap in the market: he created a plugin called OptinSkin that offered split testing for opt-in forms. 

Even though Allsopp experienced monumental success with his blog and plugin, he felt further pushed to pursue his SEO passion. He began to create SEO-specific regions for specific industries and regions. This project addressed the third critical gap he found in the market.

Within the last couple of years, Allsopp and two others founded, which he uses to communicate incredible business opportunities.

As passionate as Allsopp is about finding gaps in the market, he also has a passion for helping clients optimize their websites. It’s why he created another site called This website’s primary goal is to offer useful SEO recommendations for clients. 

What Is is a three-person operation that Allsopp and his team have built over the last several years. He shares profitable business ideas on his blog, paired with detailed action plans to help entrepreneurs begin their careers.

The blogs are highly digestible. They feature screenshots, charts, and headings that readers can quickly skim. The blog posts are longer-form pieces that take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes to consume. 

Some examples of content readers can explore include:

  • The most profitable earners on Patreon
  • Building a high-revenue newsletter
  • Personal experiences about bloggers earning full-time incomes

If you have reached a creative block when thinking of a new business idea, is the place to go for inspiration. 

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Is Free to Use?

Yes. To become a subscriber, all you have to do is enter your email. sends out emails of new posts 24 hours before they go live on social media. This way, email subscribers will have a leg up when it comes to viewing the advice. 

Once you provide your email address, you can expect to receive an email once a week from The emails do not contain spam or ads. This way, the company can guarantee it delivers high-quality content to its readers. 

Can Help Me Make Money on Patreon?

Yes! One of Allsopp’s blog posts centers on the topic of making money on Patreon. To write this post, he looked through thousands of Patreon creators’ pages to find the most inspiring ones. 

In the post, he offers over 80 examples of successful Patreon creators. These creators distribute vast products and services, including hoodies, SEO-centric videos, and photography tutorials. Allsopp shows his readers that when it comes to making money on Patreon, the options are virtually endless. 

With each creator he introduces, Allsopp mentions how much they make per month and the tiered pricing they offer to customers. 

Allsopp wraps up his post by claiming what he thinks will be the next big money-maker on Patreon. He believes that the next online million creators on Patreon will be producing adult-focused content.

This route may not be the right one for just anyone, but Allsopp certainly makes a good point. His research has proved that there is a considerable gap in adult content on Patreon. Those who choose to take advantage of it can potentially achieve significant success on the platform.   

Can Help Me Launch a Startup?

Absolutely! Even if you are brand-new to the business world, offers concrete advice that anyone can implement. has released two blog posts that detail how to launch a startup. The posts offer advice based on his real-life experiences.

In one post, he details how he began a profitable startup. For this venture, he gave himself one month and a $100 budget. Allsopp sent out 250 emails and worked for 16 full days. By the end of the challenge, he managed to generate positive revenue.  

In his other post, he shares how he started another profitable startup within the same timeframe.

During both journeys, he didn’t use his name or any previous connections to help him. This way, the advice is more applicable to the average reader. 

While you can follow Allsopp’s budget and timeframe, you don’t necessarily have to take the same steps he did. These posts serve as general guidance and inspiration, although the detailed action plans that he included would not hurt to follow yourself. 

Can Help Me Start a Blog?

Definitely! Content creation is one of Allsopp’s focuses on 

A couple of posts center on blog creation. In one of them, Allsopp follows an Irish blogger, Stephen Palmer, who makes a full-time income by writing blogs about Australia. Allsopp analyzes Palmer’s strategy, which entails making a comprehensive resource for Irish people who are traveling to Australia. Palmer identifies issues Irish travelers face and writes content to help make traveling easier. Though Palmer’s target audience is niche, his blog is a comprehensive solution for Irish people who are planning to visit Australia. 

Allsopp also offers general blog templates for you to use. Some of these include “21 Things Your _____ Won’t Tell You” and “3 Ways _____ Can Help You Grow Your ____.” While blog posting is one of Allsopp’s priorities, you can also implement these ideas for podcasts and videos across different platforms. 

Will Implement Any of Its Recommendations for Me?

Unfortunately, no. will not implement its recommendations for you. The company’s focus is on delivering high-quality advice so that its clients can make decisive business moves. 

Is Worth It?

From our experience, we can safely say that is well worth it. is a free, beneficial resource for those looking to start a new business venture. It includes advice from an industry professional recognized by major publications like Forbes and The Guardian. 


  • is free to use and offers unique, valuable business ideas
  • As a successful entrepreneur, Allsopp shares his journeys from the perspective of someone new to the business world
  • Allsopp offers free blog post ideas and inspiration for you to start your own


  • exists as an advice blog, so Glen and his team do not implement any recommendations for you

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