Gotch SEO Review

When building a successful business, your website is one of your greatest tools. You may use it to sell your products, generate valuable leads, and connect with clients. To make the most of your website, you should always search for ways to drive traffic to it.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to launch an effective SEO campaign. Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique. It has the power to increase your rank on search engines like Google, which means more potential customers seeing your products or services.

Many companies and creators cater to SEO, all with different resources that you can take advantage of to build a campaign, and one of those is Gotch SEO. Today, we’re going to review this resource, founded by Nathan Gotch.

What Is Gotch SEO?

Started in 2013 by digital marketing professional Nathan Gotch, Gotch SEO began as a primarily client-based business. They offered full optimization services to clients and white label services to other agencies. Since its early days, the business has shifted its platform slightly.

Today, Gotch offers training courses to anyone who wants to enhance their SEO skills. The company offers a few different training programs. Through its main course, Gotch SEO Academy, they offer an in-depth overview of practical optimization techniques. They also offer a more niche course about YouTube SEO.

Besides their training resources, Gotch runs a blog that they update regularly. The blog focuses on reviews, guides, and other practical tips related to search engine optimization and content creation. Finally, users can also apply for optimization coaching sessions through the website.

Nathan Gotch has created hundreds of successful SEO campaigns for various businesses, including law, health, and technology. He has featured on popular digital marketing podcasts and interviews with search engine journals.

What Does Gotch SEO Academy Include?

Gotch SEO Academy’s structure is simple, consisting of several distinct modules. The modules in the course include:

Module 1: Audit

During this module, users can determine their current website’s points of weakness through in-depth analysis. During this module, those taking the course will learn to:

  • Identify and address critical technical issues
  • Optimize for indexability and crawlability
  • Optimize user interface and user experience
  • Build a strong website structure
  • Handle redirects
  • Establish an environment for conversions

Module 2: Optimize

In this module, users learn to optimize their existing pages for the best results. This module includes discussions on:

  • Addressing issues with low-quality and duplicate content
  • Maximizing website pages for traffic and growth
  • Creating a successful audit
  • Trustworthiness

Module 3: Create

This module focuses primarily on content creation and the role it plays in organic traffic. Participants in the course focus on Nathan Gotch’s techniques for:

  • Content creation
  • Keyword research
  • Outsourcing content options
  • And more

Module 4: Advance

This last module features the Gotch SEO Academy series. It includes discussions on link building, ethical tactics, email promotion techniques, and more.

In addition to the central Gotch SEO Academy, the company offers YouTube SEO courses. Over the years, YouTube has become a popular platform for content creation and affiliate marketing. 

Participants in this module can begin moving onto more advanced optimization techniques and platforms.

Does Gotch SEO Have Other Platforms Besides the Website?

 Yes, one of the most prominent platforms that users can access from the Gotch website is the related YouTube channel. Nathan runs the YouTube channel.

 The channel offers a sizable collection of videos about search engine optimization and digital marketing. The videos usually cover one topic and contain useful educational graphics that help communicate different topics.

In addition to providing links to his YouTube channel on the main website, Nathan also provides links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Should I Use Gotch SEO?

Yes, if you want to improve your current SEO strategy in a targeted way, Gotch SEO is a great resource. Each of its offerings come with unique benefits:

  • The Academy: With its academy, you’ll receive a step-by-step program divided into manageable modules. The program walks you through SEO strategies that have been developed by professionals in the industry with years of experience. We think that the program offers details that make it stand out from similar sites.
  • The Blog: If you aren’t sure whether to enroll in the course, Gotch SEO still has something to offer through its blog. The blog, which gets updated regularly, covers a variety of topics within SEO. If you want to stay updated on the latest posts, you can subscribe to never miss an article.
  • The YouTube Channel: For any visual learners out there, you will likely benefit from Nathan Gotch’s YouTube channel, which is accessible through the Gotch SEO website.

You may NOT want to use Gotch’s resources if you can’t commit enough time to learn the techniques and tips they offer. If you are currently trying to enroll in the academy, keep in mind that available spots may be full, which will prevent you from taking the course.

What Is the Cost of Gotch SEO?

Perhaps one of the more surprising and exciting aspects of Gotch is that it offers free training.

If you want to enroll in the academy, however, the issue is not about cost. Instead, Gotch SEO Academy is highly selective and only accepts new members a few times per year.

Gotch will also take on clients to improve their search engine optimization, but this is rare. The cost for these services is not available, which means you have to contact the site creators directly to see if they will take you on as a client.

Is Gotch SEO Worth It?

To help you decide whether Gotch SEO is worth it, we’ve compiled a few notable pros and cons:


  • There are a diverse range of subjects covered throughout the site
  • The sections of the site are easy to navigate
  • Gotch makes it easy for interested clients to contact them


  • Availability for the training courses isn’t always displayed clearly on the website.

Can I Use Gotch SEO to Build an Optimized Website?

Yes and no. While Gotch SEO is an excellent resource for optimizing a website you already have created, it is not a website building platform. 

Gotch SEO is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants a clear and structured search engine optimization training program. Nathan Gotch, the founder of the website, notes his passion for the subject. Users can trust they are learning from a seasoned professional.

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