What Is Income School? Everything You Need to Know

As more and more businesses go online, the need for helpful advice on how best to grow your online presence is more apparent than ever. SEO marketing techniques that were once considered niche are now considered essential. With new tactics being developed every single day, it’s imperative that brands stay on-trend.

This is exactly why companies like Income School exist. They aim to help you learn the key ways you can promote your site to wider audiences and achieve long-term results.

They do this in three key ways. The first is their YouTube Channel, where they post informative videos, the second is through their many educational blog-posts, and the third is via their online course ‘Project 24’. In this review, we’ll be focusing primarily on Project 24 and how it may be able to help you boost your own passive income.

First, let’s explain who Income School are and why they may be relevant to you.

What Is Income School?

Income School is a marketing company that helps its users grow accustomed to, and make money from, passive income streams.

The ‘Income School’ domain was first purchased in 2013 by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest marketing companies on the web right now, with thousands of new subscribers to their YouTube channel every month. Income School is now a company that pulls in seven figures per year, but it didn’t get there overnight.

That’s exactly the premise of Income School. The idea that you cannot get to where you want to be by a simple snap of your fingers. It takes consistent, methodical work. This is epitomized by their online course, Project 24. If you are thinking of starting a blog or opening a website with the intention of earning significant passive income, this course may be for you.

What Is Project 24?

The primary focus of Income School, outside of their informational blogs and videos, is Project 24. It gets its name from the company’s hypothesis that it should take students of the course two years (twenty-four months) to take their website from miscellaneous to popular. By popular, we mean enough to replace an income from a conventional job.

The course aims to work in collaboration with you to boost your site’s numbers by incorporating tried and tested SEO marketing techniques. The course offers the following as part of its process:

  • A 60 Step Process: The course certainly doesn’t skimp on detail. Included as part of the course is a step-by-step guide that introduces you to the most integral components of successful site development. The aim here is to reduce the likelihood of any mistakes you might make when building your site.
  • An Informational Podcast: The course also grants students access to a podcast that provides up-to-date information on the latest trends. This can help enormously, whether you’re new to SEO practices or not, as the world of online marketing can change so quickly. Staying on trend is a challenge all online creators must adapt to.
  • An Entire Library of Relevant Information: With Project 24 you don’t just gain access to a basic resource, but rather an entire library of information relevant to the best SEO practices and taking your website or blog to the next level. You will never be short on something to read.

The key take away here seems to be the sheer amount of information Income School offer. Their official website claims that so far they have uploaded 220 videos, 79 podcasts, and there has been an additional 75 lessons added in the past three months alone. These are impressive claims.

There also seems to be an investment in community, too. This is important because a course that simply hurls ample amounts of information at you with no context doesn’t necessarily benefit you. Income School assures this isn’t the case with their course, stating that Jim and Ricky personally respond to questions from students around 50 times each week.

Is Income School Applicable for Someone With an Established Site?

Absolutely. You don’t need to be a total beginner to benefit from Project 24, though the course itself does operate under the assumption you are. Income School’s website advises that you move through the entire 60-steps course on the assumption that you’re starting from the bottom, even if your site has already been established.

They make clear that the first five steps may not be appropriate for students who already own a functioning website, but the following fifty-five are all fully applicable. That isn’t a bad ratio.

How Much Does it Cost?

For your first year with Project 24, you will pay $449, each year following that you will pay $199.

If you were to stick with Project 24 for the two years recommended, your total would come to $648.

What Are The Pros?

  • Tried and Tested: Income School was started by two guys who have direct experience of bringing a site from obscurity to impressive popularity. This adds integrity to their claims that they can do the same for you.
  • Important Knowledge is Readily Available: There’s a huge array of information provided through the course, both guided (the 60 steps) and available for your perusal (podcast episodes, resource library).
  • Surprisingly Transparent: Many online courses will seek to conceal their results so they can manipulate the data to their advantage. Income School actively names the websites they’ve been successful with, and there are many.

What Are The Cons?

  • Some Claims Seem Outlandish: Project 24 makes the assertion that you only need an hour a day to build a successful niche website. In reality, this isn’t the case, and also is not what the 60-step program expects of you.
  • It’s a Financial Risk: With any business venture, you’re risking your money, but with Project 24 it is certainly a risky investment. Parting with over six hundred dollars when you don’t have a successful website under your belt, and no real guarantee of success after completing the course certainly gives reason for pause.

Our Verdict

If you are in a financial position where investing in Project 24 is viable, then we advise moving ahead with it. The course has numerous successful testimonials and if you’re serious about improving your online performance, they might be the necessary next step for you.

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