Neil Patel Review

To own a successful business in our current era, you have to have an understanding of digital marketing on every level. Knowing how to use social media and launching a custom website will only help you compete against other businesses just like yours. 

But, how do you start learning this stuff if you’ve never tried it before? 

You can do this through online marketing lessons that break down marketing into digestible steps. However, this simple answer isn’t all you need to know. 

What are those steps towards learning how to market digitally? How do you make your website standout online?

This is where Neil Patel comes in. He used his experiences with online marketing to develop an online training website. Replete with tools and resources, he helps people understand online marketing, especially the intricacies of blogging.

The next question is, can Neil Patel help you? 

We’ve reviewed his training options to see if this is a good option for people looking to learn how to build their brand. 

What Should I Know About Neil Patel?

Neil Patel is the person behind this training, based on his own experiences and expert opinions. He definitely has some impressive accolades to back up his claims:

  • He is a NYT Bestselling author who has been called a top influencer by the Wall Street Journal. 
  • He has an extensive online marketing presence and has been named one of the ten best marketers by Forbes. 
  • President Obama recognized him as a top 100 entrepreneur under 30 and a top 100 entrepreneurs under 35 by the United Nations.

His online training focuses on understanding marketing and blog creation through four steps. Those steps focus on:

  • How to create a blog
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  • Examples from his own blog
  • A podcast called Marketing School. 

The site offers an SEO suite of tools offering individual results. It takes your personal blog URL, pulls data metrics, and delivers a 7-week action plan to improve site traffic. Some analyzation metrics include SEO errors, competition, and keyword opportunities. 

Who Is Neil Patel For?

This site is for anyone looking to generate revenue and increase site traffic through online marketing, content creation, and brand building. It offers individualized plans based on the revenue you want to generate and the money you have budgeted for marketing. The first step is just providing a link, like a domain created with ODYS Global, and building upon your ideas and analytics. 

Overall, it is geared towards generating revenue via blogging and marketing, so this is a useful tool to check out if you are building that stratagem.

How Do Users Interact with Neil Patel’s Platform?

The site takes you through a few steps to get to know you better; then, the focus is on education. It starts by learning about your site and what you are looking for, connecting you with appropriate resources, providing educational blogs, and directing you to a Marketing School podcast. 

You’re also encouraged to interact with Patel on his blog. If you want to learn more about this site before committing to the various subscription options, check out the blog. The blog covers a wide range of topics and will give a good glimpse into what the paid subscription might unpack. Some recent blog topics include:

  • Best Remote Access Software 
  • SEO Consulting 
  • A Quick Guide to Using Keywords for Better Amazon SEO
  • And More 

There are also pages for information on consulting to connect you directly to Neil Patel. 

Alternatively, ODYS GLOBAL can help you kick-start your first affiliate website from scratch. Click here to apply for an account!

What Information Can I Find on Neil Patel?

The information focuses on blogging and understanding SEO content creation. Some specific topics include: 

  • Site audits
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analytics
  • Backlinks
  • Rank tracking
  • Training
  • Support

It gives insight on how to generate revenue through effective online marketing, SEO strategy, and other tools. 

How Much Does Neil Patel Cost?

While the blog is open for anyone to read, the real benefit will come from the subscription services available at a paid rate. There are both monthly subscriptions or a one-time lifetime subscription rate. The monthly rates range from $29 to $99 a month while the lifetime fees range from $290 to $990. The site does offer a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money back guarantee. 

There are three types of memberships based on the size of your online presence. They are: 

  • Individual: Entrepreneurs and small businesses, managing 1 – 3 websites 
  • Business: Small and medium businesses, managing 4 – 7 websites 
  • Enterprise/Agency: Large businesses and agencies, managing 8 or more websites 

Each tier unlocks different services, including SEO training and support, rank tracking, keyword research, and one-on-one consultations. 

Is Neil Patel Worth It?


  • Seven-day free trial
  • 30-day money back guarantee 
  • Monthly subscription options available  
  • Biweekly coaching calls 
  • Course content through videos, worksheets, and templates 


  • Resources appear to be geared towards established sites than new bloggers 
  • Might be expensive for small marketing budgets 

Should I Use Neil Patel?

Patel’s resources and trainings range in applicability, which makes this site great for its target audience: those looking to learn more about digital marketing. You should use Neil Patel if you’re a newbie to this field and you’re interested in learning more. However, the information is dense and you may get lost if you know nothing about digital marketing.

You should not use Neil Patel if you don’t have time to learn. Instead, you should consider working with a company that’s capable of optimizing your website and delivering you the results, so you don’t have to do any strenuous marketing work yourself. 

What If I Don’t Want to Build My Own Website?

The site is willing to work with web pages built elsewhere, so no need to build your own from scratch. There are a lot of sites out there that are pre-made and just waiting for the right content.  

Consider checking out ODYS Global to find a high-quality affiliate website. Our websites are pre-made, so you don’t have to worry about creating your site from scratch. You can find a lead generation site, Amazon affiliate site, or a niche-specific affiliate site to match your need and go from there. Neil Patel can then analyze the site and help you make changes to create a competitive, high-ranking, SEO focused space. 

ODYS Global only offers clean portfolios and brandable names. The sites are hand-picked, so there are no issues of legality or any other worrisome content.

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you revamp existing content! 

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