Niche Hacks Review

Does Nichehacks Hold Up to the Competition? Our Review

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of digital educational services on the internet. But how many of those are 100% free? 

Nichehacks has carved a space for itself in an industry on the rise: SEO. The site is known as a completely free digital marketing guide for both new and advanced users. However, it’s hard to believe that it doesn’t cost anything to access high-quality information that most people pay hundreds for. 

In this review, ODYS Global breaks down the pros and cons of using Nichehacks to flesh out your affiliate marketing and digital literacy education. There are considerable benefits to utilizing this free and expansive service, but we’ll tell you if it’s the best service there is. Find out below.

What Is Nichehacks?

Nichehacks is a website, blog, and newsletter subscription that brings educational materials to anyone hoping to achieve financial independence. 

The site was created by affiliate marketer Stuart Walker and acquired by a powerful team of investors who made it what it is today. It has accumulated an impressive team of experts who contribute to the blog and artistically curate the educational materials available.

The current owners of the site are self-starter experts. They use this tested experience to offer practical, valuable, to-the-point articles that can help clients:

  • Find their niche
  • Build their website or e-commerce store
  • Find financial stability

As a marketing industry site, Nichehacks is well-represented on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and even Twitter.

What is Different About Nichehacks?

This isn’t some one-off blog run by someone with a lot of time on their hands. The Nichehacks team ensures that the content published on this site is diverse, unique, and abundant. Each well-researched article has the potential to give readers valuable insights about marketing, technology, and even creativity.

What’s unique about Nichehacks’s content is also what makes its team special; it’s well-researched. Not every digital marketing guru stays on top of the latest trends and continuously informs readers about what’s hot in the SEO world. For over a decade before and during the acquisition of the company, the Nichehacks team has learned the ins and outs of the industry. Since 2009, readers have come to Nichehacks for the most current information about SEO, CRO, website design, etc. 

The staff has nearly twenty years in business and over ten in this particular niche. They’ve made their mistakes and have now created a signature process that delivers results over and over again. What’s different about Nichehacks is that there is ample evidence to suggest that their strategies continually work.

How Can Nichehacks Help You Make Money?

Launching a niche site can be a great way to sell products and profit from ads and affiliate marketing. This site has well-researched, expert content that focuses specifically on helping people to improve site traffic, generate authentic niche content, and more. 

These practical articles are actionable and realistic. This means that following the advice listed can lead to direct benefits and improved profits.

How Can You Get Access to Nichehacks’ Material?

This site has one of the most expansive and well-organized blogs available online today, and most of it is completely free. The only thing users need to do to get access to exclusive research into topics like paid ads or affiliate marketing 101 is to visit the website. The easy drop-down menu allows visitors to search by using topic keywords or typing into a simple query bar.

You can also sign up for the digital newsletter by submitting your name and email on the website. If you want to be tuned in to the world of affiliate marketing, subscribing to the newsletter can be a simple way to get data sent right to your inbox.

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What Topics Does Nichehacks Cover?

One of the major benefits of this site is that with a large, multi-skilled team of specialists, the blog can cover a ton of ground. 

Dozens of topics are expertly explained, including insider industry insights that only someone with lived experience in the field can share. A few of these topics are listed below, with a bit of information about what the educational materials under these topics might be.

Here’s what Nichehacks covers:

  •     Affiliate Marketing 101
  •     SEO
  •     Audience Research
  •     Niche Websites
  •     Traffic

Affiliate Marketing 101

Many of the posts included in this blog topic aim to help beginners understand and begin to play with affiliate marketing tactics masterfully. This site reinforces the idea that you don’t have to be a pro to become an affiliate marketing professional. You can do it on your own time, at your own pace.

Read about KPI’s and profitability factors, the current viability of the market, and more with a wide array of intro-level articles.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about organic web traffic. How do you strategize to get more eyes on your site? These articles range from beginner and basic guides to expert and advanced tools. Professionals at any stage of their career can benefit from the blogs offered in this section. Learn about keywords, whitehat backlinks, and more.

Audience Research

Your audience is your metric of success. If you are driving the right targeted customers, you are doing good e-commerce business in the right amount to your site. 

Audience research can help people develop insights into the type of consumer who is more likely to visit their site or buy their product. It’s all about efficiency, and it can help you to decrease operational costs on useless marketing and focus all your attention and resources toward more valuable potential clients.

This section has markedly fewer articles than the others, meaning that if this is your key concern, Nichehacks might not be the right fit for your needs.

Niche Websites

This topic is quintessential for those who want to make money by creating a niche website. It includes articles that will walk you through how to create and structure authentic, trustworthy, and popular digital content within your niche. 

In particular, this topic has many blog posts on a variety of topics that even deal with effective mindsets for success.


In this section, you’ll find blog posts on the relationship between social media and web traffic and how to use it in your favor. Strategies, insights, and step-by-steps for beginners to traffic strategizing are all located in this section of the site. Many of the posts under this topic could be equally at home in other sections like SEO or social media.

How Much Does Nichehacks Cost?

While other blogs put their content behind a paywall, the benefit of Nichehacks is that it is all available for free. 

Detailed blog posts, a digital newsletter sent via email, and more can be accessed for zero dollars. This is especially appealing to startups and fledgling companies that need industry know-how without having to expend too much of their funds on development.

Is Nichehacks Worth It?

So is this site worth it? Does its free content have what it takes to stand up to larger affiliate marketing firms? Below you can review the pros and cons of subscribing to Nichehacks’ email newsletter and using blog content:


  • No costly paywall barrier to valuable educational resources
  • Dozens of articles on a variety of topics, researched by specialists and experts


  • Minimal resources on audience research
  • Free content means competitors have the same access
  • No personalized content that comes with paying for services

The Verdict

Nichehacks has an impressive catalog of free digital content. In line with its mission to help one million people find financial independence, it doesn’t put a disappointing paywall around valuable resources. The only downsides are:

  • These are the same articles that every competitor has access to.
  • You don’t get direct feedback and close working relationships that paid services provide

Overall, Nichehacks provides valuable resources at absolutely no cost. Subscribing to the newsletter can be a great way to get important information delivered right to your inbox every week. 

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