PubCon Review

What Does PubCon Have To Offer?: What to Know Before You Go

The PubCon name hearkens to cozy thoughts of ale in an English Pub. So why is it the name of an annual congregation of tech industry giants at the Las Vegas Convention Center? 

We’ve broken down the origins and the evolution of this lauded yearly convention. Learn what PubCon is, how it’s adapted to the changing digital marketing industry, and what it might offer you and your business. 

Use this review to help you decide whether this conference is an investment in your career or a waste of your time!

What Is PubCon Inc.?

PubCon started as just what it sounds like: a pub convention. In the 1980s, it allowed individuals in computers and technology to gather as a collective. 

The convention was a place to share educational resources and network in the industry. This sentiment continued through the nineties. However, the topics expanded from computer and technology to include internet forums and the launch of in 1999.

In the year 2000, the convention occurred at an actual pub in London, but nowadays, it is hosted annually at the lively and eventful Las Vegas Convention Center. With its origins in the 1980s, this convention has greater longevity than many others boast. The company focuses on internet marketing and SEO and produces various educational trade shows and networking conferences, with PubCon being the largest and the oldest.

These events have transitioned from their more informal pub origins to impressive professional web publishing and SEO conferences. Many industry leaders make it their business to attend every year. The event includes features:

  • Prominent keynote speakers from companies like Google, Microsoft, and Bing
  • Group workshops and training on a variety of topics
  • Educational sessions
  • Exhibits from leading new technology and marketing companies
  • Networking events and happy hours

Founder Brett Tabke uses his three decades of computer and digital marketing experience to expand PubCon. 

Tabke has demonstrated his firm command of the digital sphere with his several published books on programming and the success of his networking site, This is the type of deep knowledge and profound web literacy that attendees can expect to glean at the annual convention.

Does PubCon Offer Services Digitally?

Yes. PubCon Inc. is hosting an entire digital conference in 2020 with web access: 

  • Keynotes
  • Exhibits
  • Breakout networking groups 
  • Workshops

The schedule for the event is available online.

What Information Can I Expect to Learn at PubCon?

One of the major benefits of this event is that it continually evolves with the industry. Founder Brett Tabke understands the fluidity of web technology and innovation, which is why this conference seems to age with the market and its annual attendees. 

A few of the primary topics covered at the convention include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Site-specific optimization and ad strategy (Amazon, Pinterest)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Multimedia content creation (videos, audio, written)

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter have become unique giants for reaching many people at once. Companies need to learn how to find and address their demographics via this medium. 

Breakout groups and classes teach about consumer behavior on these forums. You will learn which strategies are worth your time, depending on the platform.

Site-Specific Optimization and Ad Strategy

This category includes classes like “Adapt Your Amazon Strategy for 2021” and “Pinterest Optimization for the Holiday Season.” 

Learning about the strategies behind Amazon listings or consumer behavior insights about Pinterest ads can help web professionals elevate their operations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is at the core of modern digital marketing. Optimizing your website or sites means getting them to the top of search engine results pages for targeted consumers. 

This is a major topic at PubCon events, so there are plenty of breakout workshops and seminars on this topic. 

A few SEO-related topics are: 

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Internal navigation

Email Marketing

While social media ads have taken the forefront in the digital marketing sphere, email marketing, and other types are essential to use as well. Diversifying your marketing can be the key to unlocking new demographics and expanding your audience. 

Multimedia Content Creation

Written content has always been king on the web, but video and audio are becoming the predominant ways to share information.

Experts in multimedia marketing are at this convention to share their grasp of the visual and auditory medium.

Who is PubCon For?

PubCon has resources and networking opportunities for everyone. With heavy-hitting keynotes from experts at highly competitive companies, even the most experienced can come away with something new. 

The organizers divide workshops by skill level to give everyone the most efficient educational opportunities possible. You can enroll in:

  • Introductory workshops and classes
  • Mid-level workshops and classes
  • Advanced workshops and classes

This system gives attendees the ability to curate their PubCon experience based on more than just category or topic, but on skill level. This is a huge benefit if you frequently find yourself struggling to keep up at conferences or wishing each workshop would spend less time on the basics. Waste less time and learn more to get your full money’s worth at this event.

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Are There Sponsorship Opportunities?

Most visitors sign up with an attendee pass or by booking an exhibit booth. However, you can also establish brand recognition by becoming a sponsor.

There are four tiers of sponsorships that companies or individuals can purchase to represent their entity at PubCon. Each of these sponsorships differs based on:

  • Features
  • Type of booth space (if included)
  • Number of passes
  • Logo/brand presence in marketing and informational materials for the conference

The tiers are:

  • Premier Platinum Sponsorship
  • Gold Sponsorship
  • Silver Sponsorship
  • Keynote Sponsorship
  • Media Sponsor

How Much Does PubCon Cost?

Due to the recent switch to a digital platform, PubCon will continue to be available in an altered form. Because of this, the current passes and prices are different from the traditional, in-person conferences. 

Here are the pass options for this year’s convention: 

  • Conference Passes for Nov 1-30, Dec 1, Dec 2-3
  • Free Live Stream Pass $0 NO ACCESS NO ACCESS
  • VIP Platinum All Access Pass $249 $349 $399
  • Zoom VIP Pass $99 $199 $299
  • Video Post Conference Pass $149 $199 $199
  • Pro Virtual 2020 Videos $149 $179 $199

Attendees can register for any of these passes on the PubCon website.

Is PubCon Worth It?

The main draw of attending PubCon is its longevity; you’ll meet people that have worked in digital marketing since the internet’s early days. You can make long-term connections with respectable industry leaders that deliver informative keynotes. 


  • Offers digital programming when in-person is not possible, making it more globally accessible
  • Classes divided by skill-level for more targeted learning and less time wasting
  • Five sponsorship packages for extra visibility at the conference and executive features


  • Free content is limited to only the first two nights digitally
  • The lowest price for a ticket is high compared to some
  • Limited opportunities for networking with virtual-only events

What Do I Need to Attend the Conference?

PubCon Inc.’s conventions are a formidable presence in the marketing industry, but are these events worth your time and money? 

Our research shows that this year’s digital conference means greater accessibility for those who would not otherwise cover travel expenses to Las Vegas. This means this year’s attendees and presenters are greater than ever before. 

However, there are limited opportunities for networking with online-only events. You will gain valuable information about building your website from the guest speakers, but you may not form the connections you were hoping for. You will also need a high-quality website to show off. 

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Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you prepare for PubCon and other networking opportunities! 

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