Reddit: Search Engine Optimization Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not made for beginners; to optimize, you have to dedicate many hours to learning about the best tactics and how they can work for your business.

You might spend hours staring at data, analytics, and other metrics just trying to figure out how to improve your site, and still not feel accomplished.

So, how do you get good at SEO if you’re stuck in this rut? 

One option is surfing the the SEO News forum on Reddit.  This online forum provides a way to connect with SEO enthusiasts and digital marketing specialists. Here, we’ve reviewed Reddit’s SEO so you can decide if this community is for you. 

What Is Reddit: Search Engine Optimization?

Reddit is a social news site where registered members can submit text posts, images, and links that are then voted up or down by other members. There are an endless number of forums focused on topics from world news to parenting advice and everything in-between. People can become Members of any forum they want by selecting “Join” after making a free Reddit account. 

The forum we are looking at is the Search Engine Optimization: The Latest SEO News. The About Community section states that the page is about SEO and the wider facets, offering a community for SEO news, case studies, and tips. It was created in March 2008 and hosts 144,000 members. 

Should I Use Reddit: Search Engine Optimization?

The answer to this question depends on what you hope to get out of this Reddit community. At its core, Reddit is a social media site built for making connections. While the About Community description purports this is a place for tips and news on SEO trends, it is primarily a social forum.

If you want opinions, feedback from peers, and opportunities to find new information about SEO, you should check out this Reddit forum. 

How Do Users Interact with Reddit’s Platform?

Reddit is made for users to scroll through posts and read information like a blog or online newspaper. You find the specific group you want by searching r/topic. In this case, you want r/SEO. Once there, you can sort by “Hot” (Popular), “New”, or “Top” posts. You can also select to view posts from today, this week, this month, this year, or all time. 

Every post will have a headline that gives you an idea of what the post talks about and a preview of the content. From there, you can click on the post to read more, view comments, vote the post up or down, and comment yourself. To vote or comment on posts, you will need to create a free account.

Anyone can make an account and join the forum, so you will always want to use discretion when choosing to trust another user. 

Everyone has a username that is typically anonymous. You can click on the username and view information that can help connect you to more content from that user or see if they are trustworthy. By selecting a user name you can see: 

  • Length of membership
  • Comments 
  • Posts
  • Memberships in other groups 
  • Karma – which is accrued based on how much the user contribute to the overall Reddit community through votes on submissions and comments 

These are certainly not foolproof measurements to determine if someone is a qualified resource, but it can certainly help.

A great aspect is that you can always start a post and wait for responses if you have specific questions or interests you want to discuss. 

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What Information Can I Find on Reddit: Search Engine Optimization?

The About Community says the page focuses on tips, case studies, and news related to SEO. The top posts of all time talk about SEO traffic growth, personal advice on SEO experiences, reviews on other SEO webinars and trainings. Sometimes people will promote their affiliate sites here, but that is up to user discretion.

Who Is Reddit: Search Engine Optimization For?

The r/SEO page is for people already invested in the SEO community and looking to connect with other in the online marketing and SEO world. If you are an amateur looking to learn about SEO functions, this forum will likely not provide the tools you need. 

How Much Does Reddit: Search Engine Optimization Cost?

Reddit is free to join and so are the various forums, including the SEO one. You can view posts without a Reddit account, but you will need an account if you want to post, comment, or vote on any of the posts in the feed. 

It is simple to make a Reddit profile through providing basic information, and by creating a username and password.

Keep in mind that since Reddit is free, you will have access to all the features but should use information at your discretion. The community members are not verified as SEO experts and anyone can join the forum. The site is good at keeping recent posts at the top, but you may stumble upon older posts with outdated information. 

It is a good place to feel connected to others with similar interests to you, but it should not be the end-all resource of your SEO knowledge journey. 

Is Reddit: Search Engine Optimization Worth It?

Reddit is a great social tool to build a list of pages around the topics you are interested in. You can peruse the site and check back for updated information. As you look through the posts, keep these pros and cons in mind: 


  • Easy to use social site 
  • Create your own posts based on interests and questions 
  • Can create posts with links, pictures, and videos 


  • Users are not verified as SEO experts 
  • Anyone can join the group and post 
  • A lot of the recent posts are opinion-based 

What If I Need More than Just Knowledge About SEO? 

This Reddit forum is for people that want to learn more about the recent trends and opinions in SEO and digital marketing. However, not all the information is trustworthy, and you can’t guarantee that other users will offer you help with your SEO needs. 

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