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Is Robbie Richards the Real Deal? Everything You Need to Know 

As an entrepreneur, you can’t get by without having a website. This is true whether you are trying to brand your business or dive into the world of affiliate marketing. 

There are several ways to get your winning website. Some prefer to buy already-established domains through platforms like ODYS Global

Others, however, try to create their websites from scratch. This can be a great way to retain the true entrepreneurial spirit. 

Even if you have little experience in creating websites, you’re in luck. Many online gurus promise to teach you everything you need to know about SEO.

One of these gurus is Robbie Richards. In this review, we take a look at who Robbie Richards is and whether or not he’ll be able to help you successfully create your website.

Who Is Robbie Richards?

Robbie Richards is a digital marketer, blogger, and SEO expert. His goal is to help businesses expand their consumer base through efficient marketing campaigns. 

He accomplishes this through many avenues. Primarily, he offers a premium course on his website. Users can sign up for “The SEO Playbook” to access exclusive training videos. 

Robbie also offers free content through his YouTube channel and Twitter account. Additionally, he has written articles for notable marketing sites, including: 

● SEMrush

● DigitalMarketer

● WordStream

If you have explored online digital marketing resources at all, you’ve likely come across some of Robbie’s content before. Let’s take a closer look at what he has to offer.

What Is “The SEO Playbook”?

“The SEO Playbook” is a premium search marketing course. Robbie Richards developed it to help businesses grow their online presence. Businesses can also use it to train employees on marketing techniques. 

Each “playbook” within the course focuses on specific topics relevant to online marketing. Users can learn about everything from content audits to keyword research and “quick win” keywords. 

Is It Worth the Cost?

All of the courses are organized and easy to follow. Each includes informative, concise videos filled with plenty of examples. 

When you implement the techniques presented, you are bound to see:

● An increase in organic traffic

● More engagement and conversions

● Overall improvement in campaign performance

All of this being said, the course isn’t necessarily revolutionary. The techniques are not trade secrets; SEO experts across the industry commonly use them. 

When you pay for the course, you’re not paying for trade secrets. You’re paying for convenience. You get all of the information presented to you in a nice, neat package.

Considering that you can find similar content for free, “The SEO Playbook” may not be worth the high price tag. 

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What Else Comes with the Course?

The course doesn’t just include videos. Other materials you’ll get access to include: 

Templates. Pre-built templates like the Content Audit Dashboard and Keyword Research Planner make it easy to streamline your workflow. 

Access to the private Slack community. In the private Slack channel, you’ll get to chat with SEO professionals and other students. You’ll be able to collab and get advice specific to your business. 

While the price tag is still relatively high, these extras might make the course more appealing to businesses. 

Can Anyone Learn From “The SEO Playbook”?

On his website, Robbie makes it clear that “The SEO Playbook” is not for newbies. It does not cover beginner concepts of marketing and SEO. 

“The SEO Playbook” is intended for intermediate and advanced marketers. You should have at least a basic understanding of SEO. If not, you won’t be able to implement the techniques discussed effectively. 

What Else Does Robbie Richards Offer?

Aside from “The SEO Playbook,” Robbie Richards offers other content (some of which is free!). 

Is Robbie Richards’ YouTube Channel Helpful?

Robbie Richard launched his YouTube channel in 2014. The channel’s videos feature a variety of topics related to SEO. They are informative and to-the-point. 

That being said, the channel doesn’t have many videos. You can’t expect consistency as its upload schedule is sporadic. 

Robbie’s YouTube channel can be a helpful resource, but don’t count on it being a comprehensive guide. Refer to it if you want help with a certain topic. 

Is Robbie Richards’ Twitter Helpful?

Even more so than his Youtube channel, Robbie’s Twitter account shouldn’t serve as a comprehensive guide. 

The account features very few original posts. Expect retweets of the latest SEO news and advice. It’s worth a follow if you are interested in little SEO tidbits, but don’t expect it to revolutionize your marketing strategies.

Is Robbie Richards’ Website Helpful? 

The main purpose of Robbie’s website is to sell “The SEO Playbook.” If you’re not interested in the course, however, here’s what else it has to offer:

One-on-one strategy sessions. Robbie offers one-on-one strategy sessions through Virayo. You get to discuss your business’s current strategies and goals. With this information, Robbie will teach you how to improve your marketing campaign. Each session’s cost is relatively high, but you can get the first 30-minute session at no charge. 

Blog Content. Blog posts teach you how to increase organic traffic and optimize conversions. It’s also great for staying up-to-date on the latest SEO techniques. 

Tool recommendations. Robbie has an entire page dedicated to tool recommendations. This is a great resource for anyone who has no idea where to start. Robbie does make a commission off of these recommendations. However, that doesn’t change the fact that these are tools that he and other experts use to get results. 

Who Does Robbie Richards Help?

Initially, Robbie helped local small businesses grow their online presence. As his career progressed, he took on bigger clients. He’s even worked with prominent Fortune 500 brands. 

Even more impressive is that Robbie has experience spanning different industries. He’s had clients in everything from marine electronics and property management to defamation law and B2B SaaS. 

So, whatever your business may be, Robbie’s content is bound to be relevant. Remember that the paid course is for intermediate and advanced marketers. If you are a beginner, you won’t get much out of it other than confusion.

Should I Depend on Robbie Richards?

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of Robbie Richards’ content:


● A digestible training course that covers many relevant topics

● Free content via YouTube, Twitter, and blog posts

● Backed by years of experience working with many different kinds of companies


● The training course is expensive

● Content isn’t revolutionary

● Requires you to be an intermediate or advanced marketer

Robbie Richards is definitely an expert in his field. Over the years, he’s helped tons of businesses get real results. His paid course is well put-together, and he has lots of useful free content. 

That being said, Robbie doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Many other resources provide the information he provides (some even do it for free!). It’s just a matter of whether you want to pay for the convenience of his course or look for the information yourself.

One final note: The landing page for “The SEO Playbook” is filled with “Join Waitlist” CTA buttons. We believe that this makes the course seem much more exclusive than it is. It comes off as a cheap marketing tactic trying to set the course apart from so many similar competitors. 

Are There Alternatives to Robbie Richards?

Not everyone wants to build their website. Maybe you don’t have the time or just aren’t cut out for it. Even if you enlist the help of website gurus like Robbie Richards, the process is still complex and lengthy. 

If you don’t want to build your website, then buy one! Buying a pre-existing domain saves a lot of work. Most notably, you won’t have to start the SEO process from scratch. The domain’s reputable history and trustworthy backlinks ensure it ranks high on search engines.

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