Search Engine Roundtable Review

There are currently more than 1.8 billion websites on the internet today. That means there’s a lot of other businesses competing with you, and you’ll need to know how to optimize your website with SEO tactics. 

You can also learn about relevant industry trends that give you an edge above the competition. However, you’ll need a trustworthy guide that’s informed – and not many are.

One of the websites attempting to solve this problem is the Search Engine Roundtable – an online platform that reports on the some of the biggest threads from the search engine marketing (SEM) forums. 

We’ve reviewed the Search Engine Roundtable so you can decide whether it’s a resource you can use when building your own business website. 

What Is Search Engine Roundtable? 

The award-winning Search Engine Roundtable was created as a definitive source for readers eager to find the most interesting threads on SEM forums. This saves you from filtering through the forums yourself to find the comments of real value. 

The threads featured cover topics such as: 

  • SEM news
  • Opinion pieces
  • Product and service reviews

These subjects are divided into the following categories: 

  • Google (including Google Ads, SEO, news, updates, and Google maps)
  • Bing (including Bing SEO, Bing Ads, and ContentAds) 
  • Yahoo (including Yahoo SEO, Yahoo Search Ads, Yahoo publisher network, and Yahoo Overture)
  • SEO (including keyword research, cloaking, link building, local SEO, sitemaps, and copywriting) 
  • Other topics (including interviews, SEM companies, affiliate marketing, and legal search issues, among others) 

As well as reporting on the threads, Search Engine Roundtable has recruited industry experts to provide a synopsis that expands upon the topic and adds deeper insight. 

Who Is Search Engine Roundtable For? 

Search Engine Roundtable is for digital marketing and SEM professionals that want a simple way to keep track of industry trends. The platform provides a central resource that shares the latest best practices, making it easier for people to create websites with SEO and SEM principles in mind. 

Because the website includes additional commentary from industry experts, it’s a strong resource for anyone that wants to browse forums but doesn’t have the time to check the reliability of contributions themselves. 

How Do Users Interact Search Engine Roundtable? 

One of the best things about Search Engine Roundtable is that it comes with a free downloadable app. Available on the App Store for iOS devices, the app makes it possible for you to keep up to date with the world of internet marketing while you’re on the go. 

The stories and forums on the website are formatted specifically for smartphones, featuring technology such as 3D Touch, which enables users to drag and drop content. There’s also the option for you to enable push notifications, which will ensure you never miss an update. 

Back on its website, the Search Engine Roundtable platform is easy to interact with. Each post contains links back to the original forum (for example, Twitter) as well as the selected highlights of its comments and replies. Users simply click on the topic that interests them and scroll down to read the contributor’s synopsis. 

What Information Can I Find on Search Engine Roundtable?

On Search Engine Roundtable, you can find information relating to every aspect of SEM – whether you’re interested in the trends on Google, Bing, Apple Search, or Facebook Search. 

Because the website is arranged according to search engine, then split into various topics, it’s pretty easy for you to browse for the particular subjects you’re interested in. There’s even a Google custom search engine inbuilt to the site, where you can enter the keywords you want to find. This will search through the SEO and SEM forums which Search Engine Roundtable tracks to provide you with the most relevant results. 

It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that the content is compiled from other sources – so if you’ve got a particular question surrounding affiliate marketing or website building, you’re unlikely to find the exact educational resource you need. 

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What Does Search Engine Roundtable Cost? 

You can use the Search Engine Roundtable platform – including its app – for free. There’s also a number of free subscription options, including: 

  • Email newsletters
  • Weekly video recap
  • ’Picture of the day’ service

These additional subscriptions will help you to keep track of the latest content. 

Should I Use Search Engine Roundtable? 

There’s no doubt that the Search Engine Roundtable is a great resource for anyone that wants to keep track of the internet marketing sector. However, if you’re looking for concrete advice about creating the best SEO and SEM strategies when building your own website, you’re unlikely to find all the information you need here. 

We recommend visiting the Search Engine Roundtable app if you’re interested in general industry trends. People who need specific advice might get lucky and find what they’re looking for, but it’s not something you can rely on. 

Is Search Engine Roundtable Worth It? 

As a free resource, Search Engine Roundtable is definitely worth a visit – and the app is a great addition to the platform. We’ve summed up the top pros and cons to help you decide whether Search Engine Roundtable could help you when designing your website. 


  • Provides a single source of truth for the internet marketing and SEM industries 
  • Synopses for industry experts add depth to the posts
  • There’s an optimized free app
  • It offers a range of interesting subscription options 


  • There are no how-to guides 

What If I Need a Premade Website?

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