Search Engine Watch Review

If you’re in the online business world, you know how often trends, news, and best practices change. It’s hard to keep up with it all!

Whether you’re just getting started with your company, or you’ve been working the internet for a long time, you know how difficult it is to run a website. You have to manage marketing, development, and sell products/services, all at the same time! Most likely, you don’t have time to research the latest developments in search engine optimization, but you need to, or else the algorithms will leave you behind.

This dilemma is where Search Engine Watch steps into the picture. The online database has numerous resources and articles to help manage your online company. It offers free tools to help you stay in the know about the industry so that you can be at the forefront of change—and success. 

What Is Search Engine Watch?

Search Engine Watch is a resource giant in the field of search engine marketing and optimization. You’ll get the latest news and guides to search engines and online advertising. Plus, you’ll gain access to a community that is in the online marketplace. 

The website offers articles that give updates on the state of various aspects of internet business, including:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media

You’ll also gain access to resources and guides related to:

  • SEO
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content development

Plus, Search Engine Watch as a section where you can meet with community members online, ask questions, and attend workshops together. 

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Should I Use Search Engine Watch?

Search Engine Watch doesn’t obligate its users to take advantage of its resources. If you scroll through some articles for a few months and move on, you won’t get hit with a penalty.

Anyone seeking to keep abreast of the changes in SEO should use Search Engine Watch. Its supplemental material and resources keep you in the know. The database won’t help you make a website, nor will it monitor your stats and analytics, but it will help you follow the news. 

How Do Users Interact with the Search Engine Watch Platform?

If you want to become part of their member network, you’ll need to sign-up with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • The name of your business
  • Email and phone number
  • A custom password

Once you sign up, you get access to exclusive webinars, workshops, and other events. Members also gain entry to forums where business owners can have Q&A sessions on practical, business-related matters. You also become eligible for online training and weekly newsletters. 

If you don’t want to join the member network, you do not need to sign up for a Search Engine Watch account. You can browse the various sections and read articles at your leisure without providing any information. You can leave anonymous comments and questions on articles. Plus, you can write commentary using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Disqus accounts. 

What Information Can I Find on Search Engine Watch?

You can find everything related to starting an online business and building up your website on Search Engine Watch. 

Informational Articles

The site is mainly a treasure trove of SEO information and educational resources. You’ll find articles on topics such as:

  • SEO strategies
  • PPC management 
  • Analytics and data reports
  • Local SEO
  • Social media campaigns
  • Mobile optimizing
  • Video and content development

The articles cover all aspects of each topic and help keep you updated with the latest news affecting each of those digital marketing practices. 

Resources and SEO Action Plans

The site also features a resources section. Here, you’ll find guides to help you set up and optimize your website and online business. 

The resources section goes a step further than the articles section. It provides actionable steps to make your internet presence stronger.

Tech Talks

You can also find a section titled Tech Talks. Here, you can learn more about the technical aspects of website creation and management. 

Who Is Search Engine Watch For?

Search Engine Watch tailors its content to readers looking to stay informed about the online business world. If you want to keep up-to-date with SEO, PPC, and other internet marketing aspects, you’ll find it on this site.

You’ll also find SEW helpful if you want to learn how to optimize specifically towards audiences that use Google. 

If you’re a web developer or have enough experience in the digital marketing world, you’ll benefit from reading the articles and resources on Search Engine Watch. 

How Much Does Search Engine Watch Cost?

The highlight of Search Engine Watch is that you can access almost all the content in the database free of charge.

The company does have one paid service. The e-learning option teaches you how to advertise optimally on Amazon. 

Is Search Engine Watch Worth It? 

Search Engine Watch has a lot of free content. The abundance of articles, resources, and other content available make it a decent site to keep bookmarked.

Whether you find aspects of the site useful will depend on your needs. If you’re looking for software to monitor your SEO and other online business aspects, consider going elsewhere. 

Search Engine Watch is worth it if you’re looking to monitor the news around your industry and business. 


  • An extensive collection of free SEO content
  • Simple to navigate
  • Convenient to utilize


  • No software to help monitor your online business
  • Hard to connect with a community
  • Sometimes there’s too much information 

What If I Don’t Have Time for an Online Resource Site?

Search Engine Watch is a resource for people who have sufficient time to read and research the various aspects of SEO and online marketing. If you’re an already established business looking to keep abreast of news, you’ll find plenty of resources available.

However, if you need time-saving measures to develop your internet presence, Search Engine Watch only acts as a jumping-off point. 

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