SEO by the Sea Review

When constructing a website, there are many factors to consider. Ultimately, you want the decisions you make to lead to a successful site. You will use that website to grow your business or showcase your important project.

Anyone who is developing a website will want to drive traffic to the site. Higher traffic leads to more conversions and higher sales. One of the most important factors for increased traffic is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the successful implementation of this digital marketing strategy, you can attract more traffic and benefit your website.

Various online resources will teach you about SEO and its accompanying techniques. You can use these types of guides throughout the website building process. One online resource to consider is the website SEO by the Sea.

To help you determine whether this site is right for you, we’ve reviewed SEO by the Sea in the sections below.

What Is SEO by the Sea?

SEO by the Sea is an online blog created and authored by Bill Slawski. Its creator specializes in internet marketing, consulting, and search engine optimization services. In addition to the blog, Slawski also works as the Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital.

The blog focuses on news and other essential concepts in the world of SEO. The blog places a particularly strong focus on search engine patents and white papers.

  • Patents are documents that search engines put out to protect their intellectual property and explain their work to the industry and people who may use its creation. They are usually highly technical and may contain detailed graphics about the product or services. Patents offer crucial insights about the product or service the search engine has created.
  • White papers function in a similar way to patents. White papers are in-depth, well-trusted documents published by a company, in this case, a search engine. White papers may address a specific issue or methodology associated with a product or service from that company. They usually have a strong problem-solving focus.

With a background in legal research and digital marketing, Bill Slawski uses the blog to break down some of the more complex concepts contained in search engine white papers and patents. The blog analyzes these topics through a business or content marketing lens.

Many of the articles reveal assumptions that search engineers have about the people that use their services.

What Subjects Does SEO by the Sea Cover?

SEO by the Sea contains a wide variety of categories related to search engine optimization and modern search engines. While using the site, users can choose from the following categories:

  • Acquisitions
  • Analytics
  • Blogging
  • Change
  • Culture
  • Development and Design
  • Environmental
  • Events
  • Fact Extraction and Knowledge Graphs
  • Gadgets
  • Google Glass
  • Google News
  • Government SEO
  • Image Ranking
  • Internet Law
  • Interviews
  • Keyword Research
  • Learning SEO
  • Local SEO and Maps
  • Machine Learning
  • Media SEO
  • Metablogging
  • Mobile Search Marketing
  • Mythbusting SEO
  • Open Data
  • Paid Search
  • Patent Free Friday
  • Relevance
  • And more

Is SEO by the Sea Easy to Use?

When using the website, most of these categories and the articles they contain are easy to navigate. The listed categories above are at the bottom of most pages on the site. 

Alternatively, you may choose to visit the sitemap located under the About drop-down menu. The sitemap page lists each category, with every article published within that category listed below it.

The sitemap feature is a great way to see all the articles at once. However, you will have to scroll through the long list to find what you’re seeking. To avoid this, users can also search for articles using the search bar.

Should I Use SEO by the Sea?

If you want to improve your understanding of search engine optimization, SEO by the Sea offers various useful articles. You should use SEO by the Sea to learn about SEO’s legal elements, especially patents.

Small businesses that want to improve their current optimization tactics or create a plan of action can use the site as well. Besides the articles published on the site, there are SEO services available. These services can help to build powerful websites.

The search engine optimization services offered on the site by Bill Slawski include:

  • Local Search Services, to help clients improve their local rankings and be visible in map search results
  • Audits that provide analysis to determine how search engine friendly a client’s website currently is
  • SEO Training and Coaching, for clients who want support on an individualized, as-needed basis
  • Link Building Strategies, to help clients link successfully on other sites’ pages and create quality content for search engines
  • Keyword Research that helps clients determine what types of keywords will work best for their endeavors

If any of these services sound beneficial to you and your business, you may want to look into SEO by the Sea. If not, you will still benefit from the diverse content.

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How Much Does SEO by the Sea Cost?

The informational materials on SEO by the Sea are free for all visitors to use. The no-fee model makes learning search engine optimization accessible to users in all website development and optimization stages.

The cost of the SEO services that Slawski offers is not available on the site. If you want to sign up for audits, bespoke consultation, or other services, you need to contact Bill Slawski directly through the site’s contact form.

Is SEO by the Sea Worth It?

Whether SEO by the Sea is worthy of your time depends on how much time you have to research topics like patents and how much time you have to incorporate search engine optimization strategies into your website development.

Here’s a quick round-up of the site’s services:


  • Easy-to-follow explanations of complex legal and technical concepts from the search engine industry
  • An extensive library of articles 
  • Articles published by an SEO professional with a legal background


  • Some articles are challenging to find at first, especially older articles.

How Do I Build an SEO-Optimized Website?

SEO by the Sea is an excellent resource for both individuals who want to learn more about the industry from a search engine perspective and small businesses that want to improve their visibility and ranking online.

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