SEO Copywriting Full Review: Everything You Need to Know

Any business looking to convert internet surfers into buyers knows that rankings on search engines are imperative to their success. However, there’s a difference between knowing the worth of high rankings and actually achieving a top spot on search results.

Part of what gets a company to #1 is high-quality copy. This is where SEO Copywriting comes in; this website teaches you how to write copy that’s designed to rank on search results and convert readers through search engine optimization tactics. 

Here, we’re going to review SEO Copywriting and let you know if this is the program for you. 

What is SEO Copywriting?

Founded by Heather Lloyd-Martin, whom Forbes described as a ‘pioneer’, SEO Copywriting is a service that offers tools for copywriting. It offers content marketing consulting and guidance for writing persuasive copy, alongside educational tutorials and courses.

The training database is updated constantly, so you’re never going to be lagging behind trends. The advice this program offers is relevant to both in-house writers and freelancers. 

Whether you work alone or as part of a wider business, SEO Copywriting claims to have the key to your ranking success. 

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Who is SEO Copywriting For?

This program is aimed towards anyone that wants to learn how to write highly ranking copy. Its in-depth guides cover many topics but focus on converting customers into buyers. 

What Does SEO Copywriting Offer?

There is a variety of services available through this program. We’ll get into some of the more specific details down below, but for starters, here’s a rough breakdown of what this service offers:

  • Constantly updated information on the latest SEO trends
  • Specific training on how best to implement SEO practices for both individuals and corporate businesses
  • SEO certification training to enhance your business’ reliability when viewed by potential clients
  • Personalized copywritten pieces produced in collaboration with your company, taking into account your requirements and intended outcomes

In addition to this, Martin also release her own weekly newsletter. The newsletter provides subscribers with the latest updates on Google’s algorithm among other optimization tips. Numerous testimonials attribute the newsletter to playing a significant role in their own site’s success. 

What is the SEO Copywriting Certification Program? 

On the website, Martin boasts that her certification program is the only ‘industry endorsed online training that certifies copywriters in SEO […] practices’, but what exactly does this mean for their users?

There are two breakdowns provided on the site, each targeting a different potential market:

  • In-house copywriters that are looking to improve their SEO capabilities. 
  • Freelance writers that are looking to boost their personal income. Each have their own merits, so let’s break them down further.

How Can SEO Copywriting Certification Help In-House Copywriters?

The website claims to help writers achieve higher ranking pages for the companies they work for. Martin says she will give you a strong knowledge of SEO practices and how to approach ever-changing trends. She offers a course that alleviates the pressure associated with ranking and builds writer confidence. 

The personable approach of this certification program is part of its appeal. Students aren’t just downloading a convoluted e-book or attending a generalized training course; they receive personal meetings to hone your SEO skills, which focus on how to implement the most successful practices into your daily writing.

How Can SEO Copywriting Certification Help Freelance Writers?

Any client wants their web-copy to achieve the same thing: high rankings and increased traffic. To do this, they need a writer who knows what they’re doing with SEO. Retaining high-paying clients is only possible if your results speak for themselves and you have a proven track record of success. With certification, you’ll walk away with proof of your experience that you can take to future clients. 

The site claims to support a friendly and entertaining learning environment. The main intention of the course is taking the intimidation out of trying to use SEO when working on your own. Its numerous positive testimonials show that it has helped people become more comfortable with the process and overcome writers block. This success comes from over 100 hours of video and 24/7 access to support whenever needed.

Does SEO Copywriting Offer Corporate SEO Training?

As part of SEO Copywriting’s main services, full corporate training is at the forefront. If you are looking to take your entire production team up a notch, this is the course for you. 

The course focuses on turning your entire team of writers into fully fledged SEO specialists. The benefits of this are clear: higher rankings for your brand and greater efficiency overall. Full online training is available, and the entire course is customizable to meet the unique needs of your team. 

Does SEO Copywriting Produce Paid-For Content?

Yes, created in collaboration with Heather Lloyd-Martin. The content you order from SEO Copywriting is produced entirely in partnership with you, from start to finish. Heather gets to know your business to make sure SEO Copywriting provides truly optimized copy. 

How Much Does SEO Copywriting Cost?

The corporate training and SEO content packages are priced individually based on a variety of personal factors. These include length of project and the size of your company, among other variables. For pricing inquiries, you can contact Heather via her site. 

The SEO Certification course is available in two packages:

  • One-off payment of $995.00
  • Three monthly payments of $390.00

The one-off payment amounts to less than the monthly payments, but your preferred method entirely depends on your own budget.

Is SEO Copywriting Worth It? 

To help you decide if SEO Copywriting is for you, we’ve put this list of pros and cons together: 


  • Extensive materials to learn from, including over 100 hours of video
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Newsletter subscription with current SEO copywriting tips
  • Content marketing consulting available
  • Accessible to corporations, in-house copywriters, and freelance writers alike
  • Numerous positive testimonials speak to the course’s success


  • Payment plans may be too expensive for some, especially with no free trial
  • May not be appropriate for beginner writers, as it requires some experience with SEO as a foundation
  • Not for businessowners that have no additional time on their hands

What If I Don’t Want to Learn How to Copywrite?

Navigating the world of SEO can be a tricky business, especially when you’re new. SEO Copywriting is a program that will teach you valuable information. It comes with a lot of features and is backed by great reviews. However, it’s dense and not ideal for beginners that don’t have a lot of time to commit to copywriting. Copywriting is only a part of what makes a website rank. Learning how to write copy will help, but we believe it’s more important to focus on making an optimized site overall. 

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