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Is The Exit Review: A Podcast by Flippa Worth Listening to? Our Review

Podcasts are one of the greatest “new” forms of media on the market. You can find podcasts about anything from the arts and culture to business and entrepreneurship. One up-and-coming podcast is The Exit, which is a podcast by Flippa, a popular buying and selling business for online domains.

The Exit is a podcast that is focused on entrepreneurs sharing their expertise about anything and everything business. That includes buying, selling, and maintaining their businesses. 

This podcast is becoming more popular as time goes on, but why? What do the host and guests talk about? And is it worth listening to? 

Read our in-depth review of The Exit below.

What is The Exit?

The Exit is a podcast that features guest entrepreneurs from various industries talking about buying and selling businesses. The podcast aims to educate listeners on how entrepreneurs buy businesses, why they do it, and how to “exit,” hence the podcast’s title.

The Exit releases new episodes once a week, giving listeners time to digest and learn about each week’s subjects. In the time between episodes, you can find more information about the subjects on Flippa’s website. 

Some topics that The Exit touches on include:

  • Philanthropy and how it loops back to entrepreneurial adventures
  • Acquisition of online businesses
  • Designing your career
  • Flipping online businesses to make money
  • Using alternative acquisitions
  • Selling multi-million-dollar businesses
  • And more

The Exit goes through a lot of information in each 30-minute episode, especially since each episode has a guest speaker. These guest speakers offer insight and perspective into various industries, businesses, and companies each week. Some guests include Richard Patey, 

Should I Listen to The Exit?

The Exit is a convenient and completely free podcast hosted through many different platforms, making it extremely accessible. For this reason, we believe everyone should listen! Knowledge is power, and the entrepreneurs on this podcast share a lot of advice from years of experience in the industry. The subject matter is valuable even if you don’t plan on investing or purchasing websites.

We recommend listening to The Exit regardless if you’re into the subjects that they talk about. The episodes are exciting and engaging, and everyone can benefit from a little extra knowledge about how to be a good entrepreneur. If you take nothing else away from this podcast’s episodes, you’ll learn to listen to people of different industries and hear what they have to offer you.

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How Do Users Listen to The Exit?

The Exit is hosted on a few podcast platforms, which makes it very accessible to all. You can find this podcast on the two main podcasting platforms: Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. 

Regardless of the platform, listening to The Exit is a simple and enjoyable experience. Here’s a breakdown of how to listen to two of the main platforms for podcasts.


When you launch the web browser of Soundcloud, you can search for The Exit in the search bar. The easiest way to find it is by searching “The Exit Flippa,” and it will be the first result. 

Once you click on the podcast’s link, you’ll find yourself on the podcast’s page. This page contains all the episodes recorded and posted online. All you need to do is find an episode that interests you and press play!

You’ll be able to favorite and share podcast episodes with your friends on social media or copy the link to share and send. You can also add comments at time marks in the podcast waveform for other users to see and respond to. 

Finally, you’ll be able to follow Flippa to get notified when new episodes are posted.

Apple Podcasts

When you launch Apple Podcasts, you’ll need to search for The Exit in the search bar. Unlike Soundcloud, all you need to do is search “The Exit,” and the podcast will be the first returned result. From there, you click on the podcast’s album cover, and it’ll lead you to the podcast page. Just like Soundcloud, all you need to do is find an episode that interests you and press play. 

As with Soundcloud, you can favorite and download episodes to your device. You can also follow Flippa and other podcasters to get notified about new episodes. 

With Apple Podcasts, you can download episodes for offline listening. So, if you have a long plane ride where you won’t have an internet connection or Wi-Fi, you can listen to a few episodes of The Exit. 

Who Is The Exit For?

The Exit podcast is for anyone interested in investing, entrepreneurship, or buying and selling websites. Even if you’ve never done any of it before, you can learn from the guest entrepreneurs on the show to expand your knowledge. The episodes are just long enough to keep your attention span while talking about important topics in business. 

If you’re more into casual listening instead of listening and learning, you’ll still maintain information because the format is so easy to understand. The host, Steve McGarry, provides a brief intro about the episode’s guest and the main topic at the beginning of each podcast episode. Then, McGarry and his guests delve into each topic in-depth.

What Information Can I Find in The Exit?

The Exit has information on everything entrepreneurial, such as buying and selling websites, flipping websites, designing careers, using data to democratize access to capital, and several other topics. 

The Exit is a relatively new podcast, so you can expect the podcast to evolve and increase its versatile range of guests.

The Exit will also continue to bring up topics centered around buying and selling other alternative assets. McGarry will continue conversations about other entrepreneurial subjects like economics, management, and marketing. 

Whatever the future holds for The Exit, it’s likely to be just as interesting and engaging as their current episodes.

How Much Does The Exit Cost?

One of the best parts about The Exit is that it’s completely free to listen to on any device! You can listen on Soundcloud through your web browser (on mobile or desktop) or the phone app for free (Android or Apple). 

If you have an Apple device, podcasts can be accessed through the Podcasts app, which is also free to use. So, whether you have a Windows computer, Apple laptop, or an Android cellphone, you’ll be able to listen to this great podcast for free.

Is the Exit Worth It?

In our humble opinion, free knowledge is always worth it. There’s no subscription required to listen to this podcast, so you can listen to The Exit whenever you want at no monetary cost to you. 

Here are some additional pros and (very few) cons to this podcast:


  • Free to use on any device
  • Compact 30-minute format keeps your attention
  • Diverse range of subjects
  • Guest speakers almost every week
  • Follow Flippa on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud to get notified of new episodes each week


  • Episodes only released once a week, might be too infrequent for some people

Overall, we can say with confidence that The Exit is well worth a listen, regardless of whether you’re an investor or just a casual listener. It’s a great educational resource for people considering buying and selling websites. Its compact 30-minute format keeps you hooked, while the guest speakers keep the topics interesting and ever-changing. 

We recommend listening to The Exit on your way to/from work, at home, in the coffee shop, or anywhere else you’d like a little dose of knowledge.

How Can I Put What I Learn from The Exit into Action?

When listening to The Exit, you might wonder how you can use the information to buy and sell your own website. Podcasts are great resources for learning information about SEO, but they don’t do the work for you. 

ODYS Global offers pre-owned websites and SEO domains for people who need a high-quality website to launch. Once you’ve gained some introductory knowledge covered on The Exit about buying and selling domains, get in touch with us to purchase a domain for your new business! 

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