The New Base Review

The domain was a website for The New Base, a company that offered marketing and advertising services. 

Companies looking to grow their audience would visit Here, they could contact the marketing team to implement top advertising solutions. They could also check out The New Base Insights to see the latest research in the marketing industry. 

About The New Base

The goal of the agency, formerly Publicitas International, was to help companies meet their unique marketing goals. The agency was known for its individualized services and its commitment to putting brands in front of new consumers. 

The agency accomplished this in part because it worked with a wide variety of media channels. It would publish ads to traditional print publications and on social media/other online platforms. This allowed its clients to maximize their reach. 

Another unique feature of the agency was how it adopted an individualized approach to every client. It examined its clients’ unique needs and developed an appropriate strategy.   

Clients particularly relied on the agency for its pragmatic advertising services. The agency would facilitate the buying and selling of ad placements. This would help clients:

  • Save time and money
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Score the best ad spots

Other popular services the agency offered include feed-based solutions and social media content generation. 

Aside from providing marketing services, the agency also pioneered some of the industry’s most relevant research. Research partners included Kantar Millward Brown (a leading research institute that specializes in marketing) and Honor (a top smartphone e-brand).

Together, these entities conducted plenty of advertising research. It focused primarily on conducting surveys to get a firsthand look at the consumer’s experience. 

The New Basz published these results free for others to look at it. Companies looking to expand their research could review these statistics on The New Base Insights. The insights consisted of everything from the latest trends to case studies. 

While The New Base’s findings were public information, they also enabled the agency to better serve its clients. For instance, consider the NewBase Insights: The Format Effect Part 1 study.

This study focused on how consumers respond to interactive ads. By interviewing several participants, their researchers found that consumers are more likely to have a positive association with brands who put out interactive ads. 

These findings, of course, were helpful for companies looking to learn about the latest trends. However, they were also helpful for The New Base’s mission. The company took what it learned from this study and implemented it in its strategies. By using interactive ads when appropriate, the team was able to boost its clients’ reach. 

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What The New Base Offered

The New Base offered marketing services to a wide variety of clients. It published advertisements on everything from traditional mediums to online platforms. The New Base had many significant partnerships, giving clients access to big names including: 

  • CBS
  • CNBC
  • Scientific American
  • Travel + Leisure

And, as mentioned earlier, the New Base Insights acted as a database for marketing analyses, trends, etc. 

Market Overview

The advertising industry has always been somewhat oversaturated. The New Base stood out thanks to its great service. It was able to build a long-lasting reputation thanks to its experience, commitment to its clients, and dedication to research.  

While the agency worked with clients from all over the world, it especially stood out in Singapore. This was the location of its main headquarters and where it offered unmatched service. 


Other agencies that offer marketing services in Singapore include: 

  • iFoundries
  • ENCE Marketing Group
  • Impossible Marketing

As for other marketing researchers in Singapore, one of the most prominent is Axanteus Research Pte Lt.

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