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TL;DR? Maybe You Should – A Review of Too Long; Didn’t Read Marketing

One of the hardest parts about starting a business is marketing. Sure, setting up your shop and website is no easy feat, but your business has little chance of achieving real success without marketing tactics that reach your target audience. 

Website building and marketing both depend heavily on SEO, also known as search engine optimization. You can try to do it yourself, which is not impossible, but you may need some help figuring out what tactics to use. That’s where too long; didn’t read marketing comes in. 

Too long; didn’t read marketing isn’t a type of strategy, but rather a clever name for a blog focused on SEO and social media trends. The writers frequently post trending news about SEO tactics and marketing strategies to help business owners stay on top of the competition and boost rankings.

Here’s what you need to know about this platform and whether it’s the resource you need to learn SEO.

What is too long; didn’t read Marketing?

Too long; didn’t read (or TL;DR) marketing is an online newsletter and blog dedicated to the latest trends and strategies in SEO, social media, and paid marketing. Started by Saijo George, an SEO Consultant, it discusses SEO and marketing strategies for big and small businesses. 

TL;DR is not to be confused with a marketing service. Instead, George sends out a newsletter every weekday to subscribers with marketing tips, so followers always have new information to check out. 

TL;DR seeks to become a business owner’s one-stop-shop for all SEO news. George becomes the consistent SEO guru in your life, but not someone you hire to do any work for you. 

George also tests new strategies before he recommends them on his website. You’re getting general SEO advice from an expert and the latest information about trends that are making waves in the industry.

Where Did the Name Come From?

Too long; didn’t read, or simply TL;DR, is a common internet slang term that became popular in the early 2000s and still enjoys popularity. It is usually preceded by a paragraph, or multiple paragraphs, telling a story or describing something.

Saijo George uses this term to imply that his content gets right to the point. He believes there’s no use in spending hours learning about concepts you may not use. Instead, you receive consistent, abbreviated information sent to your inbox daily. 

This concise format might not be everyone’s preference. Still, it suits SEO enthusiasts and business owners that enjoy a daily dose of content, not textbook chapter-length pdf documents or in-depth courses. 

Should I Use TL;DR Marketing?

If you are looking for a good source for new and well-established tactics, tl;dr is an ideal introduction to SEO. Doing your own marketing and SEO can be difficult without a guide, but resources like this newsletter will make it easier to understand how the industry works. It’s a bonus that George tests out many of these tactics on the website and newsletter itself.

What Information Can I Find on TL;DR?

There are multiple sections on the TL;DR website and newsletter. These tabs include:

  • SEO
  • Paid media
  • Social media
  • General
  • Tips and tricks


This category is the blog’s main focus and usually talks about either new or updated optimization ideas. You can also go here to read breaking news stories about SEO and issues that affect the industry.

Learn more about the following practices:

  • Keyword research
  • SERP 
  • Backlinking
  • Writing meta descriptions
  • Crafting quality content 

Paid Media

Paid media contains posts and articles about paid advertising online, such as Google Ads, PPC ads, and more. Usually, you’ll read about updates to common SEO tools and programs. 

Social Media

This section revolves around rising social media platforms and how to use them to your advantage. You can also expect to learn more about how these platforms work and any updates coming in the future. 


The general tab relates to marketing as a whole. You’ll read about digital vs. print tactics, targeting local customers, CRO, etc.


Here, companies can post their job opportunities, often relating to marketing strategy or search engine optimization.

Tips and Tricks

Business owners and web designers can find new ideas and programs under this tab. This is where you go to learn unique ideas that you won’t see on your average SEO blog.

For example, George has written about Chrome DevTools, which helps you design your website for those with color blindless in mind. 


All of these categories combine to make TL;DR Marketing a successful blog-slash-newsletter. There are also opportunities for you to learn about other businesses that advertise on the website and even host your own ads as you become more successful.

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Who Is TL;DR For?

The newsletter is designed for those interested in search engine optimization, online marketing, or advertising, and anyone looking to expand their website’s reach without hiring outside help. 

Even if you are simply starting your own blog without the intention of making money from it, it doesn’t hurt to know about these trends and ideas to make your website more appealing.

If you are experienced with these concepts, the newsletter will keep you updated on top of trends as they come out. However, if you’re not interested in new SEO trends and really just need a grasp of the basics, you might be better off enrolling in a training course or searching for an SEO glossary. TL;DR might be too concise for those seeking a comprehensive overview of SEO. 

How Much Does TL;DR Cost?

TL;DR is completely free for readers to use; all you have to do is signup for the newsletter, and you’ll receive the content with no strings attached. 

Many other websites offer a free newsletter or blog to read, but the quality information is withheld for paid members or customers of premiere services. However, George channels all of his energy into this free content. You’re not missing out on anything; you have free access to the main blog pages at any time on the website. 

Is TL;DR Worth It?

TL;DR Marketing is not a marketing company that can do SEO work for you. It’s up to you to apply the marketing tactics you learn from George and develop your own business strategies.

However, the newsletter is very useful and worth reading. It’s released every weekday, which is convenient for followers that love to learn a little bit every day.

This structure isn’t ideal for people that tend to check in on the latest SEO trends irregularly. You might become irritated by the daily emails and end up marking them as spam, which isn’t useful to anyone. 

Regardless of how much you decide to read TL;DR, you can always return to it at no cost. It’s easy to subscribe to the newsletter and bookmark the webpage when you’re interested in receiving content again.


  • It’s completely free
  • Updated daily (except weekends)
  • Stays on top of the latest trends and ideas
  • All trends and new ideas are tested for efficiency
  • Run by someone who works in SEO 


  • Isn’t actually an “SEO/marketing company” with services to offer
  • More of a blog or newsletter
  • Some days have a lot of content where others have very little

What If I’m Ready to Launch a Website Right Away? 

If you have already got a website prepared and are simply looking for techniques to increase your outreach, hop over to the TL;DR Marketing website to learn about the latest optimization and advertisement. It’s a useful resource that doesn’t cost you any extra fees whatsoever!

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