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The domain was once the online home for AI-powered social platform firm Sensai. Sensai provided AI and expert-led recommendations to improve social posting and drive results. With this innovative platform, they helped small businesses and creatives post at the best times. was the Sensai app’s online landing page. It provided introductory information about the app and available pricing plans. On the domain, social media marketers could watch videos about the app, use it to boost their ventures, and sign up for the service.

About Sensai

Sensai relied on artificial intelligence to power its app technology. It generated personalized, data-driven advice that social accounts needed to grow their following and improve business results. 

After registering an account, the Sensai platform built personalized content plans for each business or creative. From there, it followed up with incisive reports showing the results. 

Sensai’s goal was to reduce the time spent trying to understand and apply generic insights to social media strategies. By relying on artificial intelligence, Sensei delivered accurate intel tailored for each account specifically. Users could even get feedback on their hashtag usage and get tips on attracting the right audience through proper hashtag strategy.

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What Sensai Offered

Sensai offered a data-driven program designed to help users achieve their social media marketing goals. It showed that a creative or business could grow its audience with strategic insights and the industry’s best practices.

Other programs offered information and recommendations based on algorithms. However, Sensai took it a step further. They developed a program based on artificial intelligence that would grow and learn with the social media landscape.

It also offered a much more accessible, more intuitive way to schedule content. The in-built scheduling appealed to busy marketers who didn’t have time to post at the perfect moment every day. Sensai allowed users to time their social posts. With it, users could send out content when the audience would engage the most or whenever the user determined to be the best time.

Additionally, Sensai provided helpful insights and performance metrics. Unlike a lot of analytics, their reports were easy enough for any user to understand. The platform eliminated industry jargon like PVs and IMPs. Instead, it helped users see how they were doing socially in plain English.

Sensai offered three tiers of pricing plans: the Free plan, Professional plan, and Luminary plan. 

The Free plan let users see:

  • Daily best practices
  • Content ideas
  • Draft and schedule posts
  • Customizable performance charts

Free users also had the option to add an Acceleration for $9.99 per month. This add-on provided:

  • AI-driven insights
  • Campaign reporting
  • Posting time engagement recommendations
  • Hashtag optimization
  • Top follower identification

The Professional plan was $99/month and featured:

  • Everything from the Free + Acceleration
  • Consultation with a dedicated social media expert
  • Personalized AI insights on all platforms

Finally, the Luminary plan included:

  • Everything from the Professional plan
  • Full social strategy
  • Content creation and reporting
  • Social strategy sessions
  • Dedicated account management
  • Real-time news alerts
  • Robust insights

Market Overview

Sensai served a market that included beginner social media marketers, small businesses, musicians, artists, and other creatives. Sensai advertised that they helped their Professional customers grow followers 198% faster than if they grew it independently.

Sensai users reported success after using Sensai in areas such as:

  • Increased engagement
  • Increased follower count by 200%
  • Better posting times
  • Identifying top followers
  • Creating compelling content


AI-based social media marketing was still a relatively new concept when was up and running in 2018 and 2019. However, a few market competitors offered similar services and benefits. These competitors included:

  • Socialbakers: The AI-driven social media management platform provides influencer marketing strategies. It features a discovery dashboard, advanced audience insights, unified content feed, analytics dashboard, and smart scheduling tools. 
  • Sprout Social: While Sprout Social was not fully AI-driven, it’s an automated social media management solution. It analyzed the sentiment of social content and generated recommended responses.
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