UK Web Master World Review

The domain was the go-to resource for webmasters in the United Kingdom and around the world. It provided hundreds of free articles, templates, and tools for building sites. Visitors of all skill levels turned to the site for their web development needs. 

About UKWebMasterWorld

The original purpose of the site was to help those with little experience in web development. It published essential how-to guides, reviews on different hosting platforms, and other content to help visitors start. 

Eventually, the site published more advanced content. Even the most experienced developers found it to be a helpful resource. They could learn about the latest affiliate marketing trends, perfect their SEO and PPC campaigns, and much more. 

The site’s content came from top webmasters from the U.K. and around the world. This reach resulted in it being a reputable, authoritative resource on everything web development. 

Aside from its expert contributors, the site also had a strong community of readers. Visitors could interact on discussion boards to promote their sites, give each other advice, etc.  

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What UKWebMasterWorld Offered

UkWebMasterWorld offered just about everything one would need to create a site, including: 

Domain Name Tools

This section informed users of the importance of choosing a good domain name. As the articles suggested, the right domain name can make one’s brand more reputable and boost SEO. 

The site’s tools let users check the availability of domain names, find the perfect place to register their chosen domain name, etc. 

Reviews of Web Hosting Tools

The reviews of hosting tools let visitors compare and contrast top platforms. This overview allowed site creators to pick the hosting tool most relevant to their brand, content, and budget.  

Web Promotion Tools

This section was particularly useful for newbies. It gave them the chance to get started with basic SEO and promote their site via discussion boards. It was also useful for veteran webmasters as it discussed more advanced SEO techniques and affiliate marketing.  

Web Design Tools

The site’s wide variety of design tools empowered all users. The templates, color pickers, meta tag generators, and other useful tools made it possible to design pages exactly how they wanted. The stock photo resources and image manipulation tools gave users even more creative freedom. 

E-Commerce Tools 

Owners of blogs, business pages, and many other kinds of sites relied on this resource. Owners of online stores also turned to the resource thanks to its e-commerce tools. Visitors could learn how to add a free shopping cart, incorporate payment processing, and much more. 

Additional Tools

Users took advantage of additional tools, including: 

  • Stats tracking
  • Link checkers
  • Sitemap generators
  • Articles scripts

Market Overview

Webmaster resources are incredibly common, especially in today’s day and age. There are countless articles and videos for learning how to design a site. 

UKWebMasterWorld set itself apart by being one of the early players in the game. It began back in 2003 and was one of the most comprehensive resources available. It also set itself apart through its emphasis on creating a community among its users. 

Oliver Kenyon, who runs the highly successful affiliate forum Affiliatefix, purchased UKWebMasterWorld in 2015 and re-branded it as Websitefix. Kenyon’s purchase and revamping enhanced the visibility and market capital of UKWebMasterWorld even more. 

Even though the site development and affiliate industries have become somewhat oversaturated, there is plenty of opportunity for success. The changing nature of SEO, development, and design makes it possible to create original content and provide users with resources they may not find elsewhere. 


Webmasters turn to a variety of resources to learn and perfect their craft. Some of the most popular resources in the U.K. (and around the world) include: 

  • SpyFu
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz

Users tend to use a combination of these resources to get a comprehensive perspective for their projects. 

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