Webmaster Google Search Console Review

Your website’s poor digital performance will impact sales, profits, and readership. It’s not easy for inexperienced business owners to rise above lackluster search engine rankings and inconsistent conversions. However, tools like Google Search Console aim to help you can improve your digital representation and draw in new clients.

When you want clear results for your website, Webmaster Search Console can help you track ranking performance and more. It helps users craft a site that is easy to navigate and appealing to viewers. 

Below you’ll find an in-depth review of the Search Console website, including what it is, how to use it, and if it may be useful for your specific site.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a suite of Google SEO tools that helps you with your website’s data and configuration control. It’s valuable digital resource that helps entrepreneurs, e-commerce sites, and even blogs create optimized web content. 

Search Console allows in-depth communication with Google as a server so that website owners can adjust how Google indexes your site. This means that you can avoid costly errors that may be pushing your page to the bottom of search engine results. 

Users typically utilize its many features to improve reader traffic, rank higher in results and hone targeted SEO for a more efficient viewer to buyer ratio. Tools and capabilities include:

  • Index statistics
  • Subscriber statistics
  • Crawl statistics
  • Diagnostics including broken links or inaccessible/restricted pages
  • Option to change your crawl rate
  • Internal and external linking data
  • Option to adjust or add a sitemap
  • Results page keyword data to identify key buyer psychology

The tools that this service offers don’t just improve reader traffic; they improve quality, targeted traffic. This is a must-have tool for anyone hoping to conquer the digital business realm.

Why Should I Use the Search Console?

Google Search Console gives entrepreneurs an edge against the competition with cutting edge data analysis and statistics capabilities. Search Console has several impressive features available to all users. These can generally help to improve your websites efficiency and profitability stemming from productive user traffic and on-site navigation. 

Here are a few of the ways that this program can help users to work on their site:


The program is designed to encourage Google’s bots to crawl your page. To put it simply, this means that the bots move through content and links on your page using your internal navigation. They then return the data to you, which you can use to improve your site.

The diagnostics option will alert you to any errors like bad links or restricted pages. This means that you can troubleshoot these issues and make your content accessible. Pages that contain errors are less likely to rank highly on results pages.


Statistics is a key area when it comes to improvement. This area can alert users to which search terms tend to lead viewers to the site. This gives the user insight into consumer psychology, which can help with web development, marketing, and even product conception. The statistics section can even tell you which of those search terms leads to clicks on your site link.

Targeted marketing can mean a better reader to buyer ratio. You spend less bringing in potential clients who won’t end up becoming a customer. Better efficiency drives down operational costs while keeping income steady.

Within statistics, there are a few individual sections that the user has access to:

  • Index statistics
  • Subscriber statistics
  • Crawl statistics

Links and Sitemaps

Both internal and external linking can have a large impact on how your site performs on results pages. One of the huge benefits of Search Console is that it shows you all of the pages that link to yours, as well as all of your internal links.

When dealing with linking, more is usually better. As long as all links are functional and appropriate given the subject matter, they will be valuable to help rank better on results pages. For that reason, this function is a can’t-miss feature on software like this. The sitemaps option works similarly, allowing users to upload an XML sitemap to ensure that all pages are crawled by the bots.

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How Does the Search Console Process Work?

All a user needs to access Webmaster services is a Google account. Signing up for Google is completely free, making this a widely accessible product. Once you are signed up for Google, you can sign up for Webmaster tools at Google Webmaster Central. After this, the website traffic improvement process begins:

  1. Add applicable sites to the Dashboard
  2. Either upload a text file or add a meta tag to set your site up for verification
  3. Google will verify each site before moving forward
  4. Users will, upon verification, be provided with a full overview, diagnostics, statistics, and more

Who is Google Search Console For?

This service is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce sellers
  • Businesses that want to improve their digital presence
  • Informational sites that want higher viewership

Is Google Search Console Worth It?

There are many sites like Webmaster that seek to improve result page ranking and drive up profits. The difference is that Webmaster comes straight from Google. This provides users with the unique opportunity to work directly with the search engine that they hope to rank higher on. 


  • Users can hold 12 to 16 months of data
  • Better identification of faulty linking
  • New tools including Fetch as Google, Index Coverage Status, and more


  • It is completely rebuilt from the initial console
  • The mobile experience is far inferior to desktop, being relatively new and unrefined

What If I Just Want a Premade website?

While Google Search Console has some impressive features, it hasn’t quite caught up to other competing services in terms of mobile accessibility. It is completely revamped from the initial console, which means that fans of the original format may have to re-learn how to utilize the dashboard. However, they will receive many more new tools and capabilities. 

It’s also not ideal for those that prefer to have a pre-made domain that’s optimized, which saves time for business owners that can’t dedicate hours to SEO training.

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