Website Broker Review: How Does the Online Broker Stack Up?

As businesses grow and change over the years, sometimes, its online presence needs change. 

What was once the perfect domain name for your digital presence may have become outdated, irrelevant, or inappropriate. 

These website domains can grow in value over time, meaning that you may be able to sell it for more than you bought it. On the other hand, sellers might be eager to have access to your specific domain.

Website Broker serves as an assisted selling platform to make the most out of valuable websites. Here’s our honest review of and everything it offers:

About the Company is an online platform designed by two attorneys. It assists individuals and companies in the buying and selling of websites. 

Website Broker was revolutionary at the time of its inception in 1997. It set a new standard for the internet domain market. 

Today, remains one of the most trustworthy and established online marketplaces to buy and sell existing websites. 

What Is Website Broker? is a central digital source to both buy and sell existing web domains. This market is where businesses small and large, along with individuals, come to buy or sell websites. 

Complicated transactions stay clear-cut when using Buyers can search available listings according to their ideal criteria. Sellers can get the most for their sites. Along the way, WebsiteBroker is available to facilitate these transactions. 

Why Choose Website Broker?

You should choose Website Broker if you’re looking for an easy way to sell a website you currently own or buy a website for a reliable income stream. You’ll get resources for buying and selling to get the most value or best deal for your site. 

You should also choose Website Broker if you’re looking for an affordable way to get high exposure. You don’t have to worry about marketing or proving you are a reliable buyer.

Additionally, you will enjoy the smooth, streamlined search for websites of any kind. Some brokers offer clunky and complicated processes. Website Broker keeps it simple.

What Is Website Broker’s Process?

Your experience with the Website Broker process will vary depending on whether you are buying or selling.


If you’re interested in buying, you can browse available sites. Start by searching the database via price range, keywords, or even website category. 

There’s no need to register to browse the listings. If you choose to register, however, you will have access to advanced search features.


To sell, all you have to do is enter your listing information in the form provided by Your entry will join the growing list of sites. 

The standard fee covers three months on the lists. You can also pay a premium rate for a Premiere Listing, which provides exposure to more potential buyers in a bolder heading.

Who Should Use Website Broker?

The main people that should use are small to large business owners looking to find a new website domain or get rid of the one they currently have. If you are within these categories and want resources and guidance, Website Broker would be especially helpful. 

The site is free to use for buyers, so there is no risk of browsing. It is available to sellers for a small nominal fee for a 3-month listing. 

These low entry barriers mean that people from all financial walks can utilize and enjoy the benefits of

Where Does Website Broker Operate?

Since Website Broker handles online-only transactions, it operates anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Users can buy/sell local and general domains alike and get a gauge of their actual value before purchasing. will also be especially helpful in areas where proper website valuation is hard to acquire. The site provides valuation advice for free to all its visitors.

What Does Website Broker Cost? only costs $9.99 to post a listing for three months. Sellers will have the option to pay a premium rate of $19.99 for three months to get a Premiere Listing. 

Premiere Listings have better distribution and reach thousands of more visitors than standard listings. The premiere items display in an attractive bold font. 

For those who want to buy websites, the broker’s service is entirely free.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Website Broker?

The main disadvantage is that there’s no guarantee that all sales or listings will be legitimate. This risk is inherent in any online marketplace.

WebsiteBroker does not claim to be able to thoroughly vet or investigate all of the websites hosted on its platform. Buyers and sellers should partake in due diligence in the sale of a website to protect both parties.

Is a Good Choice for Website Sales?

WebsiteBroker is an excellent choice for website sales if you’re looking to take the hard work out of the sales process and get the most value for your existing website. 

It’s also an excellent choice for someone who wants to learn more about the real value of a website before buying. The broker provides many resources and tips geared toward a proper website valuation. 

While there is no science to pricing a website, Website Broker provides tools to make the task easier.

Here’s a quick summary of the most notable pros and cons of using


  • Get an accurate valuation of your website’s worth
  • Get the highest profit for your existing website
  • Spend less tie setting up your listing, selling, or searching for the right one to buy
  • Streamline your website search with custom search settings and keyword finder


  • Security not guaranteed on all listings; buyers must do their due diligence
  • Not free to list – costs $9.99 for 90 days

Final Verdict is a great online platform that facilitates both selling and buying of existing website domains. Business needs change, and sometimes, you can gain more value from selling your existing site or purchasing a new one. is one suitable option for a streamlined and pain-free website sales process.

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